Lets Heal Our Money "Issues" Part III

Hello, YEAH! You came back! So on to part III. Part IV will continue on July 26, 2011. This part deals with doubt and its destructive nature.  To understand that "doubt" blocks your blessings is a key step in our growth.  Part IV is on controlling YOUR Thoughts!

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I AM Speaks: Do Not Doubt Received by Laura Goldman Weinberg ===================================================

Do Not Doubt ____________

Do not doubt Me. I AM you and I AM not of you. I AM all-I repeat-all things. So how can you doubt Me? I will always guide you the right way. I AM your true inner Self. Listen to Me. Do not let others sway you from My Work. By following My Guidance, you will find fulfillment, peace, and wholeness.

I AM your Mother and your Father. I nurture and protect you. I always, always take care of you. You are My Own. You are Me. I speak to you within yourself. I speak through all things. I guide you constantly. Listen to Me.

Others will give you advice. Others may say something that will cause you to doubt. But remember Me and follow My Guidance. I need you to do My Work on earth.

You can make My World a better place by following My Words. The world will change through you. But it will only change for the better as you begin to express Me through you. Everyone has a unique way of expressing My Love on earth. Turn to Me and heed My Words and I will guide you to your destiny. I will guide you to your ultimate fulfillment.

Do not doubt Me. I AM the One to show you the way. Let Me guide you and you will be a true expression of My Love on earth.

From "The I AM Speaks" * Copyright © 2011, Laura Goldman Weinberg

Laura Goldman Weinberg is multi-talented and multi-creative. She is a poet, songwriter, artist, writer, lover of dance, and a Laughter Yoga leader. Her art, songs, and writings are universal, recognizing the oneness everywhere. She has won poetry awards, a songwriter contest, published a song with Unity Church, and has shown and sold her art. Laura is continually creating in order to inspire and uplift the world. Through her many works, she expresses the joys of life and prays for the peace and unity of all.

Laura Weinberg