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Today's Daily WORD!

Today I prayed for my worries to be resolved. I sent a prayer to Silent Unity, not knowing if I could handle the kindness they show to every caller. When they answer the phone "How can I pray with you?" the sense of immediate relief just washes your cares away. If YOU are in need of prayer, they answer the phone 24/7. You may also submit prayers by email and they will email you a response or mail you a letter. It is one of the most amazing things you can do for yourself or others. Please take advantage of the loving and grace they freely share. After I submitted my prayer request, I checked out the Daily Word. As I saw the Word - GRATITUDE, I also clearly heard "It IS DONE" I felt the relief and release of a load being lifted off my shoulders. God is in the load lifting business. Give him yours, TODAY! 075 Gratitude Friday, August 21, 2015 GRATITUDE RELEASES A POWERFUL FLOW OF GOOD IN MY LIFE. My optimism and grateful heart are sources of strength for me. If I have a medical test, I expect the results to show I am in good health. I know a change in plans is a change for the better. And I patiently await answers to prayers—trusting in divine order. I confidently seek new opportunities and try new things. I give thanks for what I desire before I receive it. My attitude of gratitude releases a powerful flow of God’s good in every area of my life. My grateful heart is an open vessel into which God’s blessings flow. Good flows to me and through me. I may receive unexpected income, discover a new hobby, or run into a long-lost friend. Wonderful things occur in my state of gratitude and grace. You shall make your way prosperous, and then you shall be successful. —Joshua 1:8 Thanks for reading.Have a blessed and amazing weekend! Namaste

Daily Word - World Day of Prayer

Today, September 11, 2014 is the Daily Word's World Day of Prayer. It is also the anniversary of the tragedy of the 9/11 hate fueled attack on the twin towers in NYC in 2001. That memory will stay with me forever. Thousands perished because of the misunderstanding and misuse of religion. Religious zealots of EVERY persuasion are reckless and dangerous. No matter if they are Islamic, Christian, Amish or Hare Krishna. We are all children of ONE God. It is time we acted accordingly. Daily Word World Day of Prayer Daily Word Thursday, September 11, 2014 World Day of Prayer I am the light of the world. I let my light shine. Divine Light is the presence and power of God—the activity of God. I am illumined by Divine Light. I claim my spiritual nature and let my light shine. Even in the midst of mundane daily tasks, even in the midst of difficulty or sorrow, even in the midst of a rapidly changing world, the light of God shines brightly in me. Through prayer, I turn on the light within. The moment I turn toward God, the wisdom, love, life, and peace of God fill my being. The moment I connect with Spirit, light streams forth from within. I allow the light of God to illumine my thoughts, inspire my words, and empower my actions. The light of God shines brightly in me. You are the light of the world … let your light shine. —Matthew 5:14-16 Thank you for reading and sharing Today's Daily Word on this World Day of Prayer! Namaste

Today's Daily Word

Daily Word by Unity July 31, 2014 Inherit I graciously say yes to my divine inheritance and use it wisely. Within me is the potential for meaningful, creative, and dynamic living. I am worthy and free to demonstrate life, wisdom, understanding, strength, and order—attributes of my divine inheritance. Daily Word Inherit Inheriting the kingdom comes with the responsibility to use what has been given. It requires the willingness to accept my good and believe in possibilities. I joyously accept and use my inherent talents and strengths to build a life of fulfillment and good works. Every day and every experience offers the opportunity to express more of my innate potential to positively affect our collective consciousness. I graciously say yes to my divine inheritance and use it wisely. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven.—Matthew 16:19 Thank you for reading Today's Daily Word!