What Or Whom Did You Release For Lent?

Hello and Welcome! Even though I do not attend church often, I have always considered the 40 days of Lent to be sacred, spiritual time.  I use this time to ground myself, to plant my dream seeds and make sure I am on the right path for the things I desire to manifest.

Lent reminds me that we have choices in life.  When we choose to give something up for Lent, we are taking our power back from whatever it is that we are releasing for these 40 days.

Well, this year I did not consciously give up anything or so I thought. In reality, I gave up a “whom”.  The whom was my GodMother who at 105 made her transition to a higher plane.  Her passing was on Ash Wednesday, March 9, 2011.  She had been with me my entire life. My earliest memories (at 18 months) involve returning from a trip we had taken, in a airplane no less!

My Godmother (Mama) was one of the only people I have ever met in my life who did not judge or criticize my actions or decisions.  When she felt the decision was a bad one, she simply spoke her piece and let it go. I always had her support no matter what.

My prayer is that each of you always has a person such as this in your life.  It does not have to be a relative; it could be a good friend.  What will make the relationship stand out is the space in which information is shared.  If you feel positive regarding your communications, this is a person to keep.  People who make you feel bad about yourself may be trying to help you see certain things, but they may also feel bad about THEMSELVES.  Learn how to feel the difference.

Mama told me she did not think she would see me again just before I left to return home. We had gone to Bermuda to celebrate her 105th birthday in February.  Now, mind you, February in Bermuda is cold and damp. Not the best time to visit. However, for several years it was the only time I had the time and funds to go.  This year, I had additional time to spend as I am not working.

So, we had a good visit. When she stated she would not see me again, I thought back to a conversation we had years before. I had told her I would know when she died or was getting ready to pass on.  She laughed and asked me how I would know.  I said, “Mama, we have loved one another my entire life. Don’t you think I will know when you decide to move on?”  She looked at me kinda funny and smiled.

Well, I did know, not to the minute, but certainly on that date.

Love is eternal, it never, ever dies.  So, when she stated she would not see me again, my comment was “You will be in a better place doing what you have always done.  Watching over me”

I have had more than 40 days to acclimate to this void in my life. To move on and continue to grow in the light.

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts.

Be Blessed and pass those blessing along!


Mama and Me on MY 53rd Birthday, June 2009