blocking blessings

Shut Your Heart, Block Your Blessings!

Hello, I experienced a shut down day this week.  I was frazzled, pissed, feeling financially “challenged” and overall just plain miserable. I did my best not to take it out on the few people I ran into in the public.  Even my family felt my displeasure at life in general.

What the day taught me was that by me shutting down my heart and vocalizing my displeasure, things just kept getting worse. When I took a few minutes to breath, drink some water and watch TV, it actually helped me decompress. There were good sides to the situation.

While I dislike spending on unbudgeted items, the fact that there were funds available was a blessing. In addition I had someone who would loan me more funds to make sure my obligations were met. Another blessing.

So, this short message is to let you know no matter how much you meditate, do yoga, eat well, bless others, pray or preach- there are days that will STILL not be pleasant.

The trick is to have those days without those days having you- making the real you disappear into a black fog of negativity.

Keep the light close, even those days when you feel alone, battered, beaten and broken.  Believe you are none of these.  Not alone, not battered, beaten or broken. You – yourself are whole, loved and totally blessed. Every day, not just the “good” days. Keep that smile on your face- even when you have to fake it!

Thanks for your time.