Abundance And Beauty Surrounds You - Do You Feel It?

We live in a world full of abundance and beauty. Can you FEEL it?  Do you choose to See it?  Sometimes it is all about perception. At times the  perception and the reality are the same.  Myself in particular, I have been really dragging these last two weeks. No energy, very little joie de vivre.  Not my usual self. Wednesday and Thursday, were especially difficult.  I could not get myself in gear. I knew it could have been physical. I have been running just a bit more than normal.  It could be grief- taking its toll on a physical and emotional level.  It could be me, just feeling sorry for myself.

I attended an affair with my mom, aunts and cousin yesterday. Did NOT want to go. Dragged in, sat down and kinda waited to go home.  At some point during the evening my real emotional self kicked in. I was happy to see my cousin and aunt. Last time I saw him was last year when I was ill. It was great to see him again, and we chatted for quite some time.  When we left, I had eaten some really great food and felt much better about life in general.

NCAA March Madness is now in full effect.  That plus Grey’s Anatomy are some of my guilty pleasures. As an added bonus, Duke lost last night (YEAH Arizona)!  I was wide awake at MIDNIGHT last night full of the joie de vivre I had missed most of the week.

I tell you all this to say that I KNOW how beautiful life is. Have seen for myself how we are often led to just the right things, people and places at the right time to get us to our next level.  The real trick is to be open to see and receive what you have coming your way.  No matter the circumstances, choose JOY, choose LOVE, and choose to BE the light. You never know when you will BE the inspiration!

Can you see it now?  Do you FEEL it yet?  Let me know!

Thanks for your time.