Do You Have An Angel Story to Share?

Angels mostly speak in whispers, in between the silence and the noise. Often, what you think is just your imagination is actually your angel, trying to get your attention. Only rarely do they make a physical appearance, though at times other highly intuitive people can and do see them often. They look like real people so most people remain unaware that they have actually seen an angel! I have my own angel stories. I would love to hear yours. If I receive enough stories, I will dedicate an entire page to the angels who walk beside us and only have our best interests at heart. My angels show up as different scents. Jasmine, Sandalwood and another flower that I have yet to identify, but it has become so familiar over the decades. I often smell them at the strangest times in the weirdest circumstances. Last week, I was tiling my floor. I was not paying attention but did notice the sweet scent of flowers. My response was “Really” How much assistance do I need with this floor?” But in retrospect, it had been a few bad days for me. As I worked out my issues, I got a fly by to let me know I was back on track again. Déjà vu does this as well. How many times have you realized in an instant, that you have been here before, done this before. I have read an entire newspaper the day before it was published. This has happened several times! Déjà vu simply means you ARE on the right track and are exactly where you need to be. Stay tuned and SHARE YOUR STORY! I would love to hear it! Thanks for reading and SHARING! Don't be shy, don't be SCARED! Tell YOUR Angel Story! It is time! Google

Happy Valentine's Day

February is LOVE month. Let's share love for and with each other on every level. You can show love to each person you interact with, KNOWING that the love you GIVE will Always find it way Back to YOU! Being love, acting with love is what we are here to do. Noble and difficult, especially with so many haters running amok. However, YOUR job, if you choose to accept it, is to elevate the spiritual consciousness and to awaken the sleeping, to lead the forgotten, to assist those who have given up hope. We are living in an awakening of global cosmic awesomeness. Are you ready to do your part to elevate the HUMAN RACE? Have an amazing and loving weekend! Sharing some LOVE music! Peace! By:Michelle D. Smith I Love Chante Moore - A Highly regarded songstress.

And, just a little MOORE with some help from Mr. Keith Sweat! One of my all time FAVORITE LOVE SONGS

Are You Interested In A Romantic Relationship?

As Featured In The start of a New Year is a great time to assess where you are regarding an intimate relationship and where you would like to be. Have you worked hard on being the best you possible, but still face challenges in your personal relationships? Are you seeking a spiritual equal, a person you can learn from and grow with? Have you worked diligently on personal growth and self-awareness? Those of us who consider ourselves spiritually seeking still desire companionship that is fulfilling, enriching and inspiring. Being comfortable with your own “self” opens the door to allowing nurturing and loving relationships to enter. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. There are many “spiritual singles” who are working relentlessly on their spiritual growth, releasing past betrayals, pain and healing from old trauma and associations. So, where is your spiritual partner? There may be some hidden blockages or resistance to opening one’s self to joyous, healthy and loving relationships. You may be well aware of this resistance, but have not yet figured out how to address and release it. When you request an Angel Card relationship reading, you are seeking the guidance of the Romance Angels! These cherubs specialize in love and offer gentle messages on opening your heart and mind to the facets of love and loving. All relationships require trust, honesty and communication in order to flourish and blossom. As with every angel card reading, you will receive the answer you need to cultivate both your relationships and spiritual awareness. Doreen Virtue offers Angelic Affirmations For Romantic Love. This meditation is about 10 minutes long and well worth the time out. If this is of interest to you, please check out the link below. Ready for your Romance Reading? Head on over to my Request Your Angel Card Reading page and request your reading, today! You are blessed and loved! By:Michelle D. Smith

Morning Angel


This morning, I happened to awake just as the rising sun caught the waves on a painting of a sunrise on the beach. The painting was by the low country artist Saint (James St. Clair), and I was gifted this picture. I have always watched the sunset on the water, very rarely do I get to see the sun RISE!

The corner the sun caught was the waves crashing behind a tree- and showed angel's wings on both sides. literally an angel, embedded in this picture across from my bed that has been on my wall for the last 10 years.

I really woke up and looked, yup, an angel! So, while I KNOW angels exist, are real and can be seen, sometimes, they are in places you would never expect to see them. Sometimes, they are looking at you, have watched over you for years- without you being the wiser. Open your eyes to SEE all the world has to offer. Be open to receive what the world is begging to give. YOU must decide what is real in your life, what you are no longer willing to accept. Then, stand on those principles. YOUR principles, not dictated to you, but chosen freely from the space of love.

Thanks for reading.


inspired this haiku


morning angel she

protects me as waves on beach

watching as I sleep

Today's Angel Message

The Angel Messages have been great the last few weeks. Just Sharing! Enjoy and thanks as always for your time.


My dear friends, we love you so very much.

In all things dear friends, trust your own hearts, for in trusting yourself, you will learn to trust God as well. God is the love that makes your hearts beat, your lungs breath, the stars dance in the heavens, and your heart long for a minute of silence. God is the force that puts a person in your mind and gives you the urge to call. God is the whisper saying, "You are tired. Rest." God is the voice of excitement and passion calling you to explore new adventures and ideas. God is the wisdom and the love that runs the entire universe dear ones. The stars in the heavens do not have to think about where they will travel, they simply know their course. A bird does not worry about whether or not she is nesting in the right tree, she is simply drawn to the branches. A seed does not think about whether it should sprout up or down. It simply reaches for the light.

So too, in all your dealings, reach for the light. Do that which gives your heart joy in each given moment. For if you wait for the future to be happy, your miss "now," and "now" dear ones is an opportunity to embrace where you are with love and gratitude if only for the smallest aspect of your lives, and then to take the next step towards what your heart desires, and the next. In this fashion, you transform your lives. You add love to your "nows" and you embrace greater "tomorrows."

Dear ones, if you trust the movement in your own hearts, so too will you trust the love that made you.

God bless you! We love you so very much. -- The Angels

With much love, Ann Albers

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