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Angel Intervention - You Must Ask!

Asking for an angel intervention is something many are skeptical of. Angelic assistance is one of the functions of our angel guides. They are here to assist, in every way they can, but to be OF assistance, you must ASK! angel intervention Click on angel intervention to read the beautiful message associated with this picture. Picture courtesy of The United Urantia Family Festival and Easter Renewal Retreats!

Your asking for assistance is not a prayer. Prayers are sent to God and Angels are God's messengers, helpers and assistants right here on earth. Sometimes a person will function as this representative. How many times have you really needed something and it show up? This is Divine Intervention at it's best. While what we request does not always show up when we want it, when it does, it is sheer bliss! My joy today was to figure out WHAT is going wrong, ask the correct questions, be open to what answer my angels gave, then act on that information. My daily prayers to God include finding, sharing and being the most productive, positive and gracious person I can be, today. While studying on building a better blog for you, I felt the need to address what I felt were some karmic issues that were hanging on in spite of all the prayers, meditations and angelic interventions I have received in the past year. Today, I felt moved to do a little more. I prayed for protection and for angel intervention on my behalf. I used my pendulum to ask my questions, received my answers and then asked more questions on HOW to remove, reduce or eliminate any and every karmic consequence, from every lifetime, past, present and future and ALL timelines, past present and future. A mouthful to be sure. Thank you Tom T. Moore of the Gentle Way blog for the wording. I was not even sure why I said all I said. What I can tell you was as I reached the last line, "Release me from all karmic consequences, past present and future, in all time lines." I FELT pressure move up my back, to my shoulders, up my neck and out of my head. Dizzy, but grateful, I broke down into tears. THEN, I sent what ever was left, down into Mother Earth (and blessed it) and up into the Heavens for the Light to bless it. RELEASED IT! Blessed it! My angel intervention TODAY was amazing. Please use your angel intervention requests as needed. They are here to help, but are constrained by your free will. They must be asked for help (unless this is life and death). Trust yourself. Trust God that your angels have been selected especially for you, to help you be the very best you possible. Contact me for an Angel Card Reading if you are not quite clear on the messages you receive. Feel free to share your angelic assistance stories, by adding your comment below. Angel intervention is real. Do YOU believe? How will you act on this information today? Spiritual Growth is about action, not just reading, but reading and putting the practices into effect that will improve your life. What are you willing to do today to improve, grow and thrive? Have an angelic day! By:Michelle D. Smith