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Happy Valentine's Day

February is LOVE month. Let's share love for and with each other on every level. You can show love to each person you interact with, KNOWING that the love you GIVE will Always find it way Back to YOU! Being love, acting with love is what we are here to do. Noble and difficult, especially with so many haters running amok. However, YOUR job, if you choose to accept it, is to elevate the spiritual consciousness and to awaken the sleeping, to lead the forgotten, to assist those who have given up hope. We are living in an awakening of global cosmic awesomeness. Are you ready to do your part to elevate the HUMAN RACE? Have an amazing and loving weekend! Sharing some LOVE music! Peace! By:Michelle D. Smith I Love Chante Moore - A Highly regarded songstress.

And, just a little MOORE with some help from Mr. Keith Sweat! One of my all time FAVORITE LOVE SONGS