Weekly Angel Card January 24, 2016

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by:Doreen Virtue YES! Don't you love it when you listen to your intuition and it is CORRECT? I know I do! I had pulled a different card, which felt wrong, only to find out I did not have the entire deck. The reading and deck were compromised. I LISTENED! I then shuffled again, receiving this Confirmation of YES- My intuition was correct! I had been thinking about my friend Jean Rockefeller and Jack the Watcher all weekend. Imagine my surprise and delight to receive a long post and update from them over the weekend. Again, I heard, but did not quite act upon my messages until today. I posted that information if you would like to read it - please check it out. I seldom make the angel card of the week ALL about me. However, in this instance, the card is so on point, it allows me to utilize my personal messages and share how the angels have been speaking to me, directly, this weekend. angel card, magical mermaids and dolphins YES - YOUR intuition is correct! What messages have you received in the last week? Did you open your heart to last week's message regarding Mother Healing? How has that impacted your maternal relationships? Did you receive any additional insight into what makes you - you? The angel card YES asks that you keep your ears, eyes, heart and mind OPEN to receive, process and act upon all the messages being sent your way. The angels can whisper, you must choose to hear! say YES to whatever your message is today and this week. Then act upon that message to create the reality you desire and deserve! Be abundantly blessed! Thanks for reading the angel card of the week!