Weekly Light Blast

Weekly Light Blast

I am including an excerpt from Jayme Price's excellent blog post on Forgetting Shame. It is a must read for those of us who have held on to SHAME for far to long. Please read and if you have time, also read PACE (Patience and Peace). Thanks! Weekly Light Blast by Jayme Price Forgetting Shame 08/23/2014 Blessed being, you are a unique and magnificent form of Divinity on Earth. You are rejoiced and cherished in ways that you can not always sense. Yet there is Love continuously being transmitted to you. It is a natural functionality of all that Life is. Your sun, for example, could be reduced to a formula of chemicals and reactions that sustain your life. These are visible and true, yet only part of the story. Look deeper within the functionality to observe the Love manifest, for it sustains you. It is within ALL aspects of Life. It is manifest in chemicals, in reactions, in smells, thoughts, words, deeds, challenges and nurturance. Love manifests into chemicals, into experiences, into ALL that Life is. Be well with ALL aspects of Life, for it is Love manifest, it is changing constantly and your Free Will choice is the true catalyst of change. Without your Free Will choice, Life will continue and eventually return to the Love it is. Your Free Will choice, your focus, merely speed the Pace of the return to Love. It is your work of Ascension, it is your work of being Divine human. All other aspects of Life around you support and sustain this integration. light You always were Divine, you always are Divine and you always will be Divine. There is no earning it, merely being it, though to say 'relearning or remembering it in the Earth plane' is accurate. In the allegory of your Adam and Eve story, and allegory it is; Eve eats from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, seduces Adam to eat also, the two become ashamed they are naked and are cast out from the garden of Eden. This speaks to the feminine energies (the unseen, the connection of All Life) being ‘demonized,’ and humans activating their intelligence of recognition of the polarity/duality of life. The energy of shame is the important part of this allegory that you are (potentially) at the final stages of releasing. The energy of shame is a way of categorizing the broader topic of demoralizing Life. Shame is one of the strongest disconnectors of human Divinity. You put it upon yourself and others for the most heinous of crimes, or for mere power over. Shame on you for this or that, I am ashamed of this or that. Then it is worm as an invisible cloak of disconnection, unseen but for those that see into the truth of the heart. Being ‘cast out’ of the garden of Eden, is merely allegory for the disconnection and the hint of Free Will. Within allegory you must find the hidden gems, for it is a story that is rich with symbolism, not obvious conclusions. Look to the ‘unseen’ for your greatest clues of Loving support. There is nothing you have done; not to another, not to yourself, that is not forgiven by Source. Please continue reading on Weekly Light Blast. Namaste

ATTRIBUTE: Thank you Paul Bica for sharing this photo of the light of the southern alps. http://www.flickr.com/photos/99771506@N00/8218869374

Weekly Light Blast June 7, 2014

Jayme shares some important and timely information in the Weekly Light Blast for June 7, 2014! Weekly Light Blast by Jayme Price 06/07/2014 Servitude Dear Lightworker, you incarnated at this exciting time because you have not only been here before and amassed great experience of the positives and negatives of life on Earth, but you have the capability to change the vibrational patterning of it. This was not always so. At times, long times in Earth years, there was a densification of the energy that made it difficult to change easily. This is a time of easier change as the electromagnetic patterns of humanity are ripe for change and many of you are already changing rapidly. All Life is seeking balance or homeostasis. Life is expansion, continual movement; it progresses through natural and beneficial stages of development. As a Lightworker, you have experienced a variety of give/take energy out-of-balance and you now reside in a time of awakening that offers you great potential to bring this into a new, expanded balance. You do this by observing your inner experience, balancing it from polarity and expanding yourself through interaction with life on earth. You are a Wayshower, one that ignites change on Earth rather than allowing the unspoken or unseen to remain hidden. A deep pattern of Servitude does not empower all involved, and yet service in the context of sharing and mutual benefit is wisdom in form. It takes many forms. To continue reading the weekly light blast, please click here. Thanks for reading and serving!

Jayme Price - Weekly Light Blast

Sharing the Weekly Light Blast from Jayme Price Enjoy! Accessing Grace Life has a delicate beauty that is often lost in the perceptions of the world around you. When you look at Life, do you see beauty? Do you see the potential of beauty within any experience or any choice? It is not always evident in the moment. You must seek the potential of Love that quietly awaits your awareness to be brought into form. This is the unconditional Love that inspires the expansion of Love on Earth, rather than the judgment that inflames shame. When you perceive yourself and others through the graceful beauty that Love creates, you give hope and healing to any situation. Do you have the powerful knowing within that your Love is that strong? When you choose to Love, you are taking the first step of action that creates the next moment. It is a courageous choice to Love the ‘unlovable.’ It is your Love that breaks the chains of pain that bind humanity. Love easily and abundantly. You are that powerful. Humanity is at an exciting point in Ascension that is quietly looming within the heart. Do you have the courage to Love the new world into form? Your Love weaves the fabric of Life, offering hope and new solution to life’s problems. This Grace is the peaces that passes all understanding into the peace that offers all understanding. As you perceive another through their pain seeking resolution within, you perceive their power to overcome challenge and begin to interact with Life in a different way. Your Grace of seeing the Love within begins to ignite the flame of Love in another, rather than inflaming shame. What a powerful gift to Life you have within you. As we sit to Blast Accessing Grace, we are releasing the egos lazy need to dominate the world into acceptable behavior so that we can find peace within. We are opening to the power that brings healing and change, not just a new façade of domination. We are teaching the power of peace within, as all humans begin to discover their inner beauty through the reflection of Love abounding on Earth. We are changing the past into wisdom, the present into a gift, and the future into a world of Love. Thank you for being the Love that you are. Blast on!

Weekly Light Blast

Weekly Light Blast by: Jayme Price Exceptional Living Life offers vast potential in each moment. It is rich with choice and plentiful in its diversity. Your unique vibration and choice is a vital part of the information of Life. As you choose, you create. Your choice is a library of information - your intent, that ripples out into your field of awareness, creating a response from Life. In the deepest of Love, Life responds. People speak the words of your vibrational emanation to you. You are compelled to turn on the radio or pick up the perfect book at the appropriate time. You are interacting from a subconscious connection with All Life at all times. The beauty of the subconscious mind is utilizing its vast ability to process information that is beneficial for you. As you focus your awareness (conscious mind) on improvement, Life responds with focus. Your intent of improvement is emanating out from you like a mating call from a bird. That sweet song is heard and answered with Love. Life becomes the catalyst that sparks your choice in each moment. Does it seem Life has responded with opposition? It is stretching you, pulling you in a direction and always magnetizing you toward improvement. Does it seem Life has responded with support? It is stretching you, pulling you in a direction and always magnetizing you toward improvement. Exceptional, isn’t it?! Improvement available in all directions! Your life becomes Exceptional as you enhance Love’s grace in all you experience. In a moment of challenge, honor your feelings. Let anger flow in a positive direction for you – inspiring you to action, inspiring you to hold a boundary, inspiring you to change. Let love flow in a positive direction for you – inspiring the same. It does not matter what occurs outside of you; that is old in-form-ation. What matters is what is inside of you. Your feelings, thoughts, emotions, intent – this is your creative power. This is what creates your future. Be patient and Know that Life is forming anew. There are no exceptions to that. Change is a constant. Be focused and Know that Life is forming in Love. You have that choice within you. You are exceptional. You are Love in human form. You are deeply Loved by Life. As we sit to Blast Exceptional Living, we are accepting the power of Love to change Life. We are honoring our internal world first, then choosing from an empowered focus. We are changing our experience by changing our perception, seeing All Life as valuable and loved. We are learning to let go and let God shine through, for we are each the spark of Love that Lights this earth. Blast on!