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Weekly Angel Card April 17, 2016

Weekly Angel Card Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by:Doreen Virtue Treasure Chest! This is one of my favorite angel cards! Just look at it glowing! God and your angels are telling you to stay on your path, keep doing the right thing for the right reason and let no one take away your light and joy! Does that bring a smile to your face? Let me share what happened to me today to show how your angels always have your back. You just have to pay attention and ACT accordingly! angel card, treasure chest I, like most of you feel my finances could always use improvement. That said, I have been working hard to shed the "broke" mentality, in fact, I have not felt lacking in quite a while. However, today, I needed to place an order for some things I really need. Not want, NEED, for my well being. This was online, and each time I placed an item in the cart and the cost increased, so did my anxiety. Finally, I had a talk with myself, out loud. What I said was "I refuse to give in to this broke mentality. I have enough money, I have enough to supply my needs. I will NOT allow the feeling of being "broke" to exist here. Not today. I completed my order and was feeling really good about doing something I felt discomforted by. Then I discovered because I was using my debit card, I received just a little more in savings. This is with If you are not using it, you should check them out. Imagine my surprise when I completed the order and the following message came up: You saved $7.77 An ANGEL NUMBER! I looked the angel number up on a wonderful site called Ask Angels The meaning was Divine Magic! So, today, after pulling the Treasure Chest angel card for you (and the 2nd week in a row for myself), I am beyond grateful. Seeing the acknowldgement that I am on the right path is priceless. Be sure that I will continue to share the weekly angel cards with you for as long as I am able. It is what I am SUPPOSED to be doing! Thank you for reading the angel card of the week. May your week be blessed and full of treasures!

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Weekly Angel Card 12-27-2015

This is the FINAL Angel card of 2015 and it is a great one! Mermaids and Dolphins by:Doreen Virtue Treasure Chest! Who wouldn't want a Treasure Chest of their very own? The angels sent this card to let you know that abundance IS your birthright. What is blocking, stopping or standing in your way? Many times, what stands in our way is the way WE think about Ourselves. Yes, indeedy, I am included in this message. It is a message for every light warrior that is and will be. Self worth is a serious blocking mentatlity. We need every soul possible as we enter 2016. Much has been accomplished this year, not just here in the US, but around the world. We need your full, committed, enthusiastic participation and your genuine, open minded curiosity. To participate at these levels, this angel card ensures that all you want, you can have, achieve or receive. You must believe that you are WORTHY of the gifts and abundance that is here for you right NOW! God takes abundance seriously, so do your angels and so should you. Only you can block your blessings! As we enter 2016, will you commit to getting out of your way to let your blessings flow both To and Through you? angel card, treasure chest This angel card promises a windfall of new abundance and opportunities. Abundance is about so much more than mere money. Abundance can show up in career, volunteer, gifts, ideas and relationship opportunities. Remain open and willing to receive, thus allowing the flow of abundance that is rightfully yours. Treasure Chest assures you that the financial support you have asked for is here for you, right now! Your prayers have been heard, answered and will show up in wonderful and unexpected ways. Be open to receive your gifts, whatever the form. Leave your expectations at the door of 2015 and welcome 2016 with new eyes, mind and heart to receive! Be Grateful, today, for what is and will be. Have faith that your faith is what will bring you all the abundance you desire. Doreen's affirmation states "Thank you for all of the support, supply, abundance and money that you bring to me. I AM Grateful for these riches, which I use in Divine ways to bring blessings to the Earth." Use this affirmation as often as possible to create the reality this angel card promises. Receive the blessings of God with the grace all blessings deserve. Remain open, joyful and grateful to ensure the free flow of MORE! Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my angel card offerings this year. I wish you only the best and highest good for 2016! We are going to have a most amazing and challenging year - again. However, the energy feels lighter than it has in years. Let's uplift the planet with Our love and light! Are you with me? Have a wonderful week and thanks for reading the final angel card of 2015! Happy NEW YEAR!

Weekly Angel Card June 14, 2015

Weekly Angel Card Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by:Doreen Virtue Treasure Chest! What do you think of when you hear treasure chest? This angel card evokes all the memories of abundance that literally falls into your lap. This is the windfall card, something GOOD is coming your way! Your prayers for financial support have been heard and assistance is here! One of the simplest angel cards, the mermaid has opened a chest on the bottom of the ocean. The light from the treasures illuminate her face, which is filled with wonder and awe. angel card, treasure chest Thank God right now! Show your gratitude for all that is, and all that will be. Claim your blessing, be joyful and be generous! Do not wait for the manifestation, have faith that what is yours already IS. Doreen offers a prayer of gratitude “Thank you God for all of the support, supply, abundance and money that you bring to me. I am grateful for these riches, which I use in Divine ways to bring blessings to the earth.” Be aware that treasure denotes not just money, but amazing opportunities as well. Keep your eyes, ears and heart open. Pay attention to new ideas, partnerships and of course, your intuition. Have a most amazing, blessed and abundant week. As a bonus, the NEW Moon Check for Abundance will be posted tomorrow! Thanks for reading the angel card of the week!