Weekly Angel Card November 6, 2016

Weekly Angel Card Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by:Doreen Virtue SYNCHRONICITY I am happy to share another of my favorite angel cards! I LOVE the power, the energy, the uplifting positivity of Synchronicity! When you live in the NOW, allow your life to flow, get out of God's way and let your angels guide you, synchronicity is the path to your highest grace. Imagine your life as a road map, but one that has been left in the rain, thrown in the mud, muddled and difficult to read. This angel card advises that no matter how difficult "forward" appears, when you trust, let go and Let God, miracles occur, prayers are answered and dreams come true. angel card, synchronicity Pay attention to all that transpires this week. Nothing will be a coincidence and you will be granted opportunities to move forward, with the winds of grace at your back. As you pay attention and are grateful for these guiding nudges, they will become more frequent, assuring you reach your goals. Remain positive and focused on your desires. Your optimism and faith focuses your positive intentions like a magical laser beam. Your life is a masterpiece - of the Master's making. You are being guided by light and love. Own your power! Have an amazing and blessed week! Thank you for reading the angel card of the week!

Weekly Angel Card April 24, 2016

Weekly Angel Card Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by:Doreen Virtue Synchronicity This week's angel card is an affirmation that your positive, optimistic outlook on your life is paying off. Your reward for being dedicated to being a better person, improving the circumstances of your family, community and country is the offer of receiving more. More opportunities to learn, grow, change and influence your life and the lives of those around you. angel card, synchronicity This angel card is recognition of all you have accomplished and affirms there is still more to do. Pay attention to what catches your eyes and ears this week. That random snippet of conversation you overheard has a message for you. If a book falls off a shelf (and yes, it happens more than you think), pick it up and read it. There are so many ways your angels send you messages, the trick is being open to seeing, hearing and believing that what just happened is real and holds a message, just for you! This is a magical week. Be open to receiving and watch the magic grow! Thanks so much for reading the angel card of the week. May all your wishes come true!

Weekly Angel Card December 20, 2015

Mermaids and Dolphins by:Doreen Virtue Synchronicity! The angel card of the week fits this time of year perfectly. Who doesn't want those synchronisitic events to occur during Christmas week. You know the feeling you have when the gift you want is on sale, when a parking space in front of the store magically opens up. What about running into an old friend whose contact information was in your phone that just died? angel card, synchronicity Synchronicity is the angel card that tells you that your prayers ARE being answered by sychronistic events. Pay attention to seemingly random events that will offer enlightenment and guidance. Heed the rule of 3 - if you hear it or see it 3 or more times, that message is personal for you. Pay Attention! When I pulled this angel card, this old song from the 80's popped into my head. The song is "Don't Push it, Don't Force It Baby" by Leon Hayward. That is another message of this angel card. There is no need to bulldoze your way through when you answers will appear if you are open to receive them. As you honor and acknowledge the information you receive through synchronicity, more synchronistic events will occur. Your openness is the key. Your Prayers ARE being answered. Are you open to receive your messages? May each of you have a Merry and Happy Christmas! For those who don't celebrate, please enjoy the love that blazes a path this time of year. Enjoy your friends and family. No friends or family? Reach out to someone who could use your services. Help serve food, wrap presents for those less fortunate, bake cookies and share with your neighbors. You are responsible for your life. Use this time to open some doors to make next year even better. May God Bless and keep each of you! Thanks for reading the Angel Card of the Week.

Weekly Angel Card September 27, 2015

MAGICAL Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by:Doreen Virtue Synchronicity As many of you know, this was my first angel card deck. Synchronicity is a beautiful card. Check out the Dolphins, leaping for joy over multi-hued crystals. The are in a column of light, blazing with colors of love, enlightenment, healing and intuition. There are even spots of lights that could be stars or angels in the background. This card brings me joy and lifts my spirits whenever I pull it. To me, it means my prayers ARE being heard, attention IS being paid; now I must do my part to actively participate to bring about my desired outcome. angel card, synchronicity Take nothing for granted this week. Pay attention to every coincidence, random bits of conversation and those phone calls out of the blue. You may even receive an unexpected visit that will prove inspirational in some way. This angel card shows because of your faith, your prayers and manifestation work, your guidance will now show up in even more synchronistic ways. Keep a journal of what occurs over the next few weeks. As you pay attention and reflect upon what has been revealed to you with gratitude, you will receive even more magical happenings to expand your horizons and bring you closer to your dreams. Your positive thoughts are imperative - listen not to the naysayers or the haters. What is yours is yours. The only person who can derail your outcome is you.Use this magical time like a laser to focus on the best outcome, with pure faith and utmost optimism. Continue your manifestation work with the gracious assistance of others. Thank you for taking the time to read the angel card of the week. Be amazed and share your experiences! Namaste