Prince died

Prince - His Purple Badness is Gone

Where do I start? I confess, I have quite a few musical lovers. Prince was one of my earliest. He joined Stevie Wonder and was before Maurice and Earth, Wind and Fire. Prince was FINE with his big ass afro and give a damn attitude. In fact, attitude is one word that definitively defined who Prince was, and for many of us will remain.Prince Now adays, you don't have to have ANY talent to be famous. Being famous is just a matter of getting on TV. It makes me appreciate those artist who are truly talented. Prince was an amazing, musical genius. He could be arrogant because he could back that arrogance up with his many talents. I had the pleasure (and I do mean pleasure) of seeing Prince twice. The first time we were about 7 rows up, but directly across from the stage. I could see his EYELASHES, we were so close. The music was so good, that I did not sit down for the first 40 minutes. Me (and everyone else) was up, jamming it out. Prince changed clothes at least 3 times. The music never stopped. No intermission for him. The music just kept playing and he would emerge with something different one. So many men thought him effeminate, but I thought he understood women, and himself. He was not afraid to explore his feminine side and it made him sexy as hell. I understood exactly what his women saw in him. He was BEAUTIFUL. I miss him so much already. Just to the bone weary of losing the people who have inspired me for a lifetime. And imagining a world with Donald Trump as president and no Prince, Michael Jackson, Maurice White, etc to give us encouragement. DAMN IT ALL. Prince also blessed Baltimore during the unrest last year. He performed a Rally 4 Peace, and along with Jay Z, donated a portion for youth groups in the city. The link was revived today, of course. So glad I have a space to share my feelings. Rest in peace sweet Prince. Crying purple tears in Bmore today. Sharing Purple Rain with you - for all those purple tears. Thank you God for sharing this amazing talent with us, for just a little while. Seeing this photo Thursday evening brought my heart joy.What better way for Prince to say, weep and rejoice. All is well and I am home. Gorgeous rainbow, thank you God! Prince [ ATTRIBUTE: Please check: to find out how to attribute this image ]