Oprah and Deepak meditation

Oprah and Deepak Meditation Experience

Each time I have joined and completed the meditation experience offered by Deepak and Oprah, by day 4 I think "I should have posted this on my website." So, Today, I am being proactive. I am inviting YOU to join me and thousands of others who have participated in these meditations that have the power to shift your energy forward, clear blockages and become more of the YOU that You came here to be. Are you ready to finally take the time to feel the ease of joyful meditations? I respectfully submit that this experience will be unlike anything you have experienced or will experience. meditation Meditation is not something I do as often as I should. Yet, I look forward to these gentle, guided meditations because they have worked and worked well. Please join us! November 2, 2015 is the start date. Sign up at The Chopra Meditation Experience! See you there and then!