October 2017 new moon

New Moon in Libra 2017

This week promises another New Moon full of surprises, new opportunities, new partnership and the possibility of both romance and financial new beginnings. Who can argue with that? My week has been filled with surprise offers and opportunities to flex my wings and soar! Am I ready? I have no idea but love the IDEA of being considered for so many potential gold mines that I am willing to take the leap. What will that mean for my site? I will still offer the New Moon checks, to date, I have not been given the green light to offer Angel Cards of the Week. Will that return? I have no idea. After all, I am the person who went on strike last November. My personal weekly readings have been AMAZING and on point. As usual, I defer to my higher authority. We will see! Back to the New Moon Check for October! This is an act of co-creation with God and the abundant Universe. Act as if you fully understand how universal flow works. When you acknowledge from whom your blessings flow, are open to receive, and willing to show faith and gratitude all things are possible. ALL THINGS! Are you ready? You have today and tomorrow to get that check written. Do not miss out on this amazing, free flowing energy that is here to lift you higher! Just write YOUR check! Time to write your October NEW MOON CHECK!

Instructions for your New Moon Check For Abundance - October 2017! Blank check- leave check in checkbookDo NOT fill out the date (but you can register the check to keep track) Pay to the order of: Your Name$ Pay in FullOn the next line write again PAY in Full!on Memo Line: Give Thanks!Signed: The Universal Law of Abundance!

I place my checkbook in the window the evening I write the check. Let the energy of this new moon infuse your check with creative new ways to bring abundance in all forms into your life. Remember to remove the check in the morning and place in your sacred space. Thank you for reading this post. May your next month be full of blessings and joy!