MLK holiday

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A Day for Service NOT shopping! To allow Dr. Martin Luther King’s sacrifice of his life for justice and equality be turned into another “marketing holiday” is a travesty. We, and I include all people are now understanding that our $$$$$ have power, how we $pend and who we $pend with. Use your $$$$$ to support companies and products that promote diversity, dignity and justice and emboldens the human spirit in each of us. There are plenty of money grubbers who will literally do anything For a $ and to $ave a $ - are you one of them? I Have A Dream! By James St. Claire Please enjoy this picture of Dr. King by the gifted artist, Saint. Have a wonderful and productive holiday. I have included some memories of another family member who passed away this week. Feel free to read if you so desire. As we reflect on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, please also give thanks for the elders in your family. Take the time to call them at least every other week. Stop by to see them and bring them something special to eat or drink. These are very small gestures but they are life affirming for those who often feel forgotten or neglected. Charles "Smokey" Jones has been a feared fixture in my life for over 40 years. I was an unruly teen when I met him and he scared me shitless. His was THE voice of authority, and he has been listened to by all of us - his original 9, all their friends and now all the children of friends and family alike. Until a few years ago, both my niece and my daughter thought they WERE family, blood relatives and they are. What I will remember most about Pop is how happy he was to hear from me - Every Single Time. Of course, he would lay me out if I had missed a week, but then we were back to our regular conversations about nothing. I will miss calling and speaking with him. I will miss his voice. I will miss another person who was always happy to see me or hear from me. I will miss Charles "Smokey" Jones. Your rest is well deserved. Don't party to hard with Ms. Rita! Thanks for reading my reflections. Comments or criticisms are always welcome. Enjoy your Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.