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The Sentence of Light- A Light Warrior Message!

Hello! This message was in the Light Circle Ezine. Of course, I have been given the right to share, and share is what the author wishes. Give credit where credit is due- Please!

Loved the message and what it means on many levels to be a Light Warrior. It is a path chosen by many, but acted on by few. We warriors need to stick together and share and spread our light and love whenever and where ever we can. We also need to be lifted up when we are down, tired and dismayed.

The Sentence of Light As received By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan September 2011 ===================================

Throughout time and incarnation there has always been one theme, over and over again, we hear the words echo in our head and heart, just love.  Just love these people, just love this planet. Remember child you are here to love.  Once in a while we would come off our mountain and venture out in the real world.  We would try to show others what was truth, what was light, what was love as we knew it, as we remembered it.  Our words and actions would mostly fall upon deaf ears and a blind heart - they were not ready to hear truth, to see light, to embrace love and they let us know it very loud and very clear.  Along our way the Universe would send angels and beautiful visions to ease the pain of humanness. As we got older our gifts began to amplify no matter how hard we tried to push them away they would break through the crystal stage of dormancy demanding more from us, pushing us closer to our light.

The visions would tell us of a time on earth that the God within everyone would finally rub the sleep from their eyes and waken into remembering their divinity.  The visions would tell us that we were not alone on earth, the visions would tell us about truths that were about to be unveiled and revealed.  The visions would speak of a time that we would be the light leaders and lead the people of earth back to source, to first light, to the singularity; one light, one heart. Announcing  a time when every face we looked at would reflect the light that lived in their heart.  A time when our light would become a catalyst and ignite the dormant god light within everyone we met.  We held tightly to those visions knowing that they were truth.  They were given to us to nurture us, love us and hold us until it was time for them to be birthed in the now.  In that time of waiting, we reunited with our own divinity, we contemplated our own light and we learned how to love this human body.  In 1987, the first clarion call to humanity was issued.  All the hearts of earth lined up and exclaimed it is time.  The children of earth took their first baby step into believing.

In 1992 another clarion call was issued via numbers.  The constellation of Colombo and the Dove Star emanated to earth the Christ consciousness awakening the sleeping prophet within all of mankind.  The doorway was opened and there was no going back.  Since those times, millions have awakened and seen the light within themselves.  They have awakened to their divinity, acknowledging the face of God that they represent.  Day by day we get a glimpse of what is to come.  You sit anxiously awaiting the promises of a loving creator.

We know now that none of our journey was in vain that it was all part of the sentence of light.  We were the nouns, the pronouns, the verbs, the adjectives.  We know now that we never really forgot that all was an illusion as is our humanness, as is our limitedness.  We know now that light lives in every molecule of existence always.

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