Friendship ange card

Weekly Angel Card June 7, 2015

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by:Doreen Virtue Friendship! Funny that I pulled this angel card, the second time in two weeks. It is my birthday on Friday and although my intent has been to schedule some play time, my situation is anything but light or playful. My baby sister is dying, though not in the normal sense of the word. She is in desperate need of a true miracle, one that requires her doctors to determine why her blood continues to clot. Without that knowledge, she is doomed and I am already grieving. So, while "playtime" would be my norm, it is not exactly what I want to do, at the moment. Angel Card Friendship However, that is me, and this is the angel card of the week, so let's focus on you. This card says that work and life must be balanced. Especially now when we have longer days and warmer weather. Get out of the house and enjoy yourself. Take the kids and have an impromptu picnic for dinner. Go to the park and let them play themselves to sleep. Pack some protein packed finger foods, plenty of wet naps (or whatever they are called today) and have some fun! Grab a bottle of wine, your mate or another mom and some fried chicken and relax. No need to wait for the weekend, the park is not as crowded during the week. Have some fun! That is what this angel card requires. So will you answer the call? Thank you for reading this week's angel card. I DO have some fun scheduled this week. It will feel just a little forced until I relax and allow myself some playtime! See you next week!