Contemplation Time

Weekly Angel Card July 11, 2015

Weekly Angel Card Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by:Doreen Virtue Contemplation Time My delay in posting this week's angel card was because I got to put my message to the test yesterday. As I sat in Urgent Care and then the ER with my mom, I remembered all the notes I jotted after I pulled this card. So, I did everything yesterday I am asking you to remember to do this week. While I was not technically "alone" it was quiet and I did meditate. How is that for angel card karma! angel card Contemplation Contemplation time advises you to spend time alone to meditate upon what it is your really, REALLY want in the Now. This angel card deck is focused on manifestation. You need alone time to receive that which s trying to come to you. Make a firm commitment to spend time in meditation. If meditation is too challenging for you, how about some quite reflection? Use this time to get plenty of rest, drink lots of water and watch your diet. Avoid highly processed foods and "junk food." Summer is peak fresh fruit and vegetable time, so make sure you are eating those as often as possible. As you begin your session, turn off your cell phone and TV. Put on some soothing, instrumental music to ease you into that reflective state of mind. When you are relaxed, write down a question to your subconscious mind on a pad of paper. This question can be a what, how or who. Write down WHATEVER thoughts come into your conscious mind. Do NOT filter the information! You have asked a question and even if the answer seems a tad crazy, write it down. Let God and your angels work out the details. This process will allow you to assess your "true" priorities, those nearest and dearest to your heart. Do not be afraid of either the question or the answer. You have help all around you! All you have to do is ask! Remember, I am here as a resource as well. I offer you the weekly angel card, as well as pages for free readings and more detailed paid readings. Using the resources available to you will ease your way and lessen your fears. Isn't it time you started trusting yourself? Thank you for reading this week's angel card. Have a wonderful week!

Weekly Angel Card November 30, 2014

Weekly Angel Card Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by: Doreen Virtue Contemplation Time! This is a working angel card. Contemplation in and of itself is reflective, non-reactive, slow and easy. The work involved comes after you spend the time in contemplation. angel card Contemplation This card asks you to commit one hour of your time THIS WEEK to relax, reflect and contemplate on your next moves. In truth, this angel card could not come at a better time, before the Christmas rush kicks in and after Thanksgiving. So, what are you going to do? It is advised that after you reflect and/or meditate for at least an hour, you ask your sub conscious, super conscious and/or higher self the following: "What is my next move?" or "What do I want to do next?" Have a pen and pad ready and jot down every single thing that comes to mind. Do not filter, reject, mock or judge what you write. Receive it with an open heart and mind. When that is completed ask your heart what it truly desires. Write THAT down as well. The answers you receive will offer a blueprint for ordering your next steps and determining which moves will be best for YOU. Just in time for the New Year! Funny how that works, right? Thank you for reading this timely angel card of the week!