Astrologer Salvador Russo

Scorpio - The Sign of Regeneration

The astrological sign of Scorpio has blessed me with some of my best friends. They ARE friends when they have conqured their inner demons of jealousy and mistrust and will slay the world for you. Their love and support never, ever ends. I have been reading the astrological sharings of Astrologer Salvador Russo for about two years now. In the last year or so, his predictions have been amazingly accurate, even if not completely accurate. As in, the things he got right he got RIGHT! One of the reasons I started this blog was to share light and information to those who are open to receive it. Being open involves exploring many paths to reach the one that will fit you like a glove. scorpio astrology To that point, I could not resist sharing Sun In Scorpio: Resurrection Season October 22, 2015 by Astrologer Salvador Russo What I truly appreciate about every message from Salvadore Russo is I always, ALWAYS feel HOPE when I finish reading. And that is what sharing information is all about. Hope not Fear! Enjoy your weekend and the message. Please share how it makes you feel! Namaste ***Image courtesy of Vector Stock- Royalty FREE******