#14 Balance

Weekly Angel Card August 23, 2015

Angel Tarot Cards by:Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine #14 BALANCE ArchAngel Zadkiel The angel card of the week is about finding and maintaining balance in our lives. Today, with all the technology at our disposal, it would appear that instead of slowing down, we are cramming more onto our plates. Slow down! Humans need both rest and active periods. Not respecting your body, your mind and your spirit often causes reckless decisions, actions and reactions. Angel Card - Tarot #14 Balance The ArchAngel Zadkiel is here to remind you of your true nature - that of a divinely loved child of God. Slow down and pay attention to the messages of compromise, cooperation, kindness and compassion. Utilize your heart based skills to achieve win/win scenarios in all relationships. Bring balance back into your life. Slow down, rest, meditate and be aware of what your mind, body and spirit require. I too, needed this card. I have physically pushed myself to the limit for the last few weeks. This angel card asks me and you to pay attention and bring Balance back into our lives. Thank you for reading the angel card of the week. See you next Monday!