Some Old School Rules To Live By

Can not believe this year is almost over. Thanksgiving is here and I have a short list for your review. Today, I am grateful for my friends and family. The ones I talked with today, and the ones I have not spoken to in months. Time is short. Let others know you are thinking of them WHEN you think of them. Your call or email may be just the pick me up they need at just the right time. Be thoughtful in your interactions. Be kind, be gentle with yourself and others. Take your time and show patience. We have all the time in the world - so slow down and appreciate what you have right here and right now. Be Grateful and Gracious. Graciousness is almost a lost art. We have rude customer service reps and ruder sales people. Be Different. Act like you actually care how someone else's day has been. Hold that door. Stop fighting over PARKING SPACES! Park far away and walk - I am sure the you can use the exercise. I know I always can use a brisk walk. Teach your children some respect. And remember, no matter how much you love them, they are not perfect, they act up and act out just like all of our children do. Don't excuse their bad behavior or encourage them to be rude because YOU think it is "cute". It may be cute at 3, but at 13, it is just plain RUDE. Be on time for your appointments and for your JOB. Show respect for others time by showing up when you say you will. KEEP YOUR WORD. This one message shows both your character and integrity. Let your's SHINE brightly! Enjoy this most blessed Holiday Season. Really express what YOU are grateful for. Encourage your friends and family to do the same. Appreciation GROWS! Much LOVE! Michelle