Some Feng Shui for Angel Day

2nd post for today. Thought this could help someone Right NOW! Much love, Michelle Here is your Daily Feng Shui Tip by Ellen Whitehurst for Wednesday, August 22 I feel particularly heavenly today, a blessed feeling that could be caused by today's 'Be An Angel Day' energies! So today, take a look at someone or something around you who could stand a little extra angelic care. You could wrap your wings around them or just forward them this prayer for miracles. This powerful and effective appeal is considered an invocation to a band of angels called the Virtues who have the job of fulfilling all requests for miracles. They are most potent if they are invoked in times of trouble. Then they kick into high gear and provide peace of mind and a protective blanket of comfort, all the while remaining committed to making your miracle come true. After invoking the intercession of the Virtues three times, say this: 'I am God's Faith. I believe in the Divine Plan for my life. I am still and strong. My strength is infinite. I am mercy and I live my love.' Soon you will be living your miracle too. I told you I was feeling particularly heavenly today. Hopefully now you are too!