Sharing 11-11 Meditation

Hello again, Just wanted to share my meditation from this morning. I am participating in the Deepak Chopra 21 days to Abundance meditation course/challenge. I use the word challenge because the daily meditations challenge the way I look at and see abundance in my world. That said, please check out to see if it is too late to join. The cost - FREE. When signing up, I did not put that info on my blog because I do not recommend things, courses or products I myself have not tried. However, I owe you, my reader an apology. This course is absolutely amazing. It has given me insight and blessings in 7 days beyond anything else I have ever done. Today, I will share my 11-11-12 gateway experience with you. When I started my meditation, everything was amethyst - beautiful color all around me. I was floating in the air, legs crossed and arms on my legs. All around I could see what appeared to be twinkling stars. As the meditation deepened, a warm, white light appeared that beamed down on my crown chakra. Immediately, I felt tears running down my face. God? I asked in my mind. Yes, was the answer I received. The lights? The lights are other souls, each shining and twinkling like stars in the night sky. Millions of twinkling lights as far as I could see. The mediation was so amazing, so strong, so beautiful that I was prompted to share with you. Please take a few minutes today to be alone. If it means you shut the door to the bathroom and lock it, use this day and this gateway energy to join light warriors around the planet in moving our planet FORWARD. Thanks so much for reading this second post for today. Be Blessed and have a most blessed week! Michelle