Ruth Ryden Part II

Thanks for coming back! This is very long, so it will be the last post until next week. I share this because this gentle lady is a joy to correspond with. I look forward to the day when I can share my abundance with her. This portion is for EVERYONE who believes they have nothing to offer. Who believe the rhetoric about makers and takers. For life to be fully enjoyed, each person must have the ability to BALANCE both giving and taking. Should you ONLY take, you may need to check yourself and your thoughts on abundance and people. Should you only GIVE, you too, need to take a look at WHY. This is not a lecture, but life is sure like school. Heed well what you learn. You will need it in future exams!Enjoy your weekend. Michelle NEWSLETTER #125 FROM RUTH & THE MASTERS OF LIGHT ********************FEBRUARY, 2013 Part II***************** PEOPLE NEED EACH OTHER! “As this life experience continues to toss bricks and sticks at humanity at large, close contacts that have endured over the years are dislodged and lost. Along with that kind of loss comes another loss – that of being needed by those people in one way or another. An older person whose children have grown and gone their own way feels this loss most keenly, as do those whose illnesses leave them at the mercy and care of others, unable to help or advise those they care about or want to help. Every incarnated spirit feels this inner need to help others; it is so very important in life that a human being cannot function normally without it! Life is a two-way street, expressed in so many ways over the centuries that even the most dull-witted person cannot help but realize the centralized laws of nature that command cause and effect, give and take. When the “giving” part of the conscious mind is overtaken and blotted out by the ego, the “taking” part is transformed into a constant need for ego upliftment, fed by others repeatedly coming to this kind of person to satisfy their needs for security and direction. Ego is the only part of the physical being that is benefited by the over-stimulation caused by the dependence of others. When the ego only feels free and alive within these boundaries, the inner door is closed to true happiness. To truly understand how dangerous this kind of “giving” can be, realize that control of others is an outcome that has given humanity many steps backward in their development. This is how dictators are born, giving in to the adulation and need of a population to have someone to tell them what to do. Dictators are not happy people; they need more and more of the kind of emotional over-reliance upon them, never reaching that inner place of peace and love. When the time comes that the followers heed their inner guidance and withdraw that need from the ego-ridden leader, that Ego suffers and throws its world into an agony of loneliness and frustration, losing the ability to satisfy his or her personal emotional or physical needs. Balance in all things is especially important within the personality of every person living in this lifetime. Those who feel unable to be in on the “giving” simply do not look into themselves to realize the wonder of the inner knowledge and present lifetime of experiences they have to share with others. Shut-ins now have the opportunity to share their life experiences and wisdom over an electronic network world-wide to anyone who wants, or needs, to read them. Parents need to pass on what they feel is right for their children from their own inner guidance instead of what some book tells them to do. Physically strong people have many opportunities to help humanity in so many ways, they are uncountable. More and more people are giving of their time to help others wherever and whenever they can, and by doing so are feeding a healthy meal to their sometimes junk food-fed egos. Being needed is felt in many ways. Everything that one does in life has this sometimes-vague thought of whether or not something was done well; does anyone appreciate what was done; did it help someone else? No mater how hardened and strong he or she thinks they are, how independent of any other influence or need, that feeling is still there. The need to be appreciated is very deep and sometimes people go to extremes to get attention to fulfill that need. That is quite obvious when television actors act outrageously and against all societal standards to get the attention of millions of watchers. Children not receiving appreciation or praise from parents, teachers or caregivers revert to doing all the bad things they can think of to get attention. The very natural need to be loved and appreciated comes from the inner spiritual being whose entire nature has been bathed in a cloud of Loving Light from its very beginning in the spiritual realm. Being suddenly cut off and placed into a difficult human lifetime divorced from receiving the spiritual nurturing of this need creates personalities who become unbalanced in many ways. Even a little attention from someone who sees their need, a hug, a little time spent listening to them talk, about anything, helps both parties to come into a better balance. Looking at the other side of giving and receiving, it is too often that different cultures or societies bring up children, of both sexes, to understand that their lives are to be spent only in giving and not to expect much in return. This is control in its worst form, expanding a parent’s ego or setting up circumstances to give total control over one person, or an entire region, to a single leader or government. Circumstances of this kind are sadly all too evident in the Middle East. For the most part, women have been treated totally as low-class servants, forbidden to have lives of their own or to be educated and accepted into the mainstream of modern life. Their frustrated emotional needs destroy the personality of many of these women, although there are also many strong enough to fight the system and escape to lives full of promise. Cultures sometimes also make it difficult for a person to feel comfortable “taking”, especially when it comes to physical goods. Children are sometimes taught that it is “selfish” or “greedy” to accept objects or services from other people. This inner feeling of guilt digs deeply into the consciousness of the personality as the person grows up, to the point of refusing help with mental problems or the many inter-relationship difficulties arising today because of changing mentalities and thinking caused by the transformations taking place on your world. Some people are even uncomfortable when someone thanks them for a small service, feeling they are not worthy to be thanked. Receiving with a heart filled with thankfulness is a very difficult thing to achieve today. Recognizing that the giver is doing so with a kind heart and the realization that this is the right thing to do, enjoying the warm feeling of receiving is the way to open the heart to that gift and always being appreciative in an appropriate way. For one who needs the help of others because of unhappy circumstances, it becomes even harder as their ego sustains a deep wound , dropping their own self-esteem a step as they are forced to receive what they feel they should have earned themselves. This becomes a heavy burden to many. When such a person can make peace with the ego and teach it to realize that giving and receiving are all one thing in the universe, honored as being part of the balance of all things, then the receiving becomes a joyful thing, to be shared with the giver. Each person has an inner strength that can be called upon, no matter what the circumstance – an inner serenity and sense of nobility that no one can either give or take away. Needing Each Other goes far beyond the simple giving of attention, praise, physical necessities, or physical love, it is the eternal function of all spiritual beings to be completely part of the creative energy of the universe. The phrase “You Are One” is the effort of the Creator to impress upon your consciousness the truth of your natural, spiritual nature, being One With All Universal Knowledge and Truth, if you would just come to the awareness of that Truth. So many people today feel completely alone and without nurturing or help of any kind. Couples with children break up, leaving one or the other, or both, in a complete vacuum. It takes time and sometimes a lot of effort from family, friends or caregivers to make them realize the universe is still there for them. The effort it takes to come out of their self-imposed shells is worth the realization that they still have the ability to give and receive whatever they have and whatever they need – balance will come with that realization; life opens up again. Men and women were created to come together, joining their own special traits and abilities to make a whole. That is why one feels so alone and off-balance when the other half of that whole is missing. Even so, the human creature has the inner wisdom and knowledge to draw upon what is felt to be missing. Male and female energies are always present to fill the gap even if a close relationship is not desired or beneficial. We see many people in care homes who refuse to sit and feel sorry for themselves, but instead are pushing themselves to do for others in any way they can – making the end of life just as interesting as it really is.

Receiving must be balanced with Giving to make life worthwhile.
Earthly personalities need this thing called “ego” to set them in their place in the world, but it should only be a “direction-finder”, and is not meant to substitute for inner direction and guidance. When ego is allowed to become a ruler, the personality becomes enslaved to its worldly desires and greed, failing to accomplish those higher ideals and the purpose for which the inner spirit was born into this world. Self-esteem can turn to ego-mania if it is not handled correctly. How much better it is to help others only when there is truly a need, then letting them go their own way. Give unto others the gift of inner accomplishment by relinquishing their need of you, encouraging them to rely upon their own inner strength through the Father who created them and gave them all things. On the other hand, Inferiority Complexes can be brought out of their dark corners as their owners are taught to realize this state of mind is an inability to give of themselves, feeling they have nothing to give, are inferior to everyone else in the world. When they can finally realize what a grand world of life, energy and knowledge they truly belong to, they will come to see that everything they are is a wonder to someone else. Every being has something to give, something to share. Every being is honored when another person gives and shares with them. Friendships and permanent relationships are the accomplishment of giving and receiving, which includes unconditional Love, complete trust in each other, and honoring each other for who and what they are. Without these things, one is alone.” ************ ********* ********* ********* **

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