Ruth Ryden Part I

Long message from Ms.Ruth. Please come back on 2/22/13 to read part II. Appreciate! Michelle NEWSLETTER #125 FROM RUTH & THE MASTERS OF LIGHT *************************FEBRUARY, 2013 Part I**************************** Good morning! Well, we sure know it’s winter! Even here in Arizona, we had very low temperatures, causing an outside water pipe to break (repaired ok), a gray water pipe broke (not repaired yet), our old furnace gave up the ghost and we are having a new one installed this week. We do have a wood stove and fireplace, so kept warm. Nothing to compare with the people in the East who had their homes flooded out, though. Hope the new $ from the government will finally help them put things back together quickly. Have to keep our stress levels in control now, because winter’s not over yet! Jobs are still scarce here in Payson, but negotiations are on the way to start constructions on a college to be built in town! Two large outlet stores have just come in, so someone knows something! When this does happen, what a difference it will make for all of the families here! Send us some good vibes! Great place for college kids – hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, skiing, something to do all year long here. OK, dear Masters, what do you see for us in February? ____________ _________ _________ _______ MASTERS: “The WORLD IS still turning and the seasons are progressing as usual, but it is obvious that changes in the atmosphere and the underlying mantel of the Earth are ongoing. This coming month of February will continue to be rough going for many parts of the world, as storms, temperatures and earth movements plague almost every continent. Australiahas been undergoing excessive temperatures and fires that are affecting the entire continent. At this point, we are seeing some of this to be tempered by sudden heavy rainfall in the next two or three weeks. Most of Asiawill be undergoing drastic climate changes as storms will conflict with unseasonable temperatures. Russia will see the Steppes inundated with runoff from ice packs, and Europewill find temperatures rising early in the season. North Americans now seeing storm fronts rushing up and down with increasing speed. The frigid temperatures in the East will soon rise to almost summer figures before the month is out. Canadais being hit with fluctuations in temperatures that cause sudden storms to creep up on unsuspecting areas of this great part of the continent. Melting ice in the Arcticwill continue to have a chaotic effect on Alaska, down through the mountains and forests, changing the actual seasons to a great degree. For the northern states of the U.S., expect more of the same racing storm fronts and temperature variations. We see a possibility of slight to moderate tsunamis hitting the East Coasts during the month as the Atlantic plates do some dancing far below. The time is coming that habitation along these coast lines will have to draw back due to rising waters in the very near future. Off-shore islands will be shrinking visibly. The Southern and Western states will have their share of sometimes-violent storms as the atmosphere starts to think about Spring frequencies. Earth movements along the West Coasts of the entire continent will continue this month at a moderate pace. Still nothing to worry much about. Movements, however, will cause some areas to sink a little, others to rise. We see many foundations of buildings moving a bit and causing problems. February is a time to keep track of weather forecasts , keeping fuel available for temperature drops, and keeping in touch with family and friends. The political mixture of ideals and ideas are upsetting, we know, but please realize that this time in the history of your world is an important one to teach human beings how to live together in peace and harmony. This will finally happen as the negative frequencies will hit a point of no return, and common sense will again prevail. Wait for it; expect it. Do your own part to bring love and kindness back to humanity. February is a month of Determination! Go to it!” Part II will post on FRIDAY, February 22, 2013. Enjoy your week! If you wish to express your appreciation for these newsletters and can afford to donate a few dollars occasionally, it would be a great help to me to be able to continue this mission of higher communication. Personal check, cash, or money orders work just fine. We have a locked postal box. I realize everyone is in a pinch now; so am I. Please make sure to include your e-mail address so that I may thank you personally! This free E-mail Newsletter is being distributed, without charge, through the Yahoo Group system. 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