Post Election Thoughts

Please say this Benevolent Prayer OUT Loud when you read this. It is most appreciated! "I ask any and all beings to assist the legislative bodies in compromising to produce legislation for the benefit of all the people in the United States in the most benevolent way possible, thank you!" From Tom Moore – The Gentle Way Newsletter! For more info on Tom Moore and the Gentle Way visit the Spiritual Links page. Before this week officially ends, I wish to share my thought on the election of 2012. First, my congrats to all the FORWARD thinking, open minded Americans who were paying attention to what a Romney administration would really mean – more for a few and less for the rest. To actually run on promises to gut many social programs, take away healthcare, lower taxes for those who need it the least and other horrifying options made me ill. As we speak, the dastardly Koch Brothers are purchasing colleges so they can indoctrinate a new group of people who will vote against their best interests. With very small donations, over 100 colleges across this country have given these brothers the power to determine what gets taught and who gets to teach it. They did not invest over 400 million dollars to have a right wing president. They invested that money to have an entire country with no regulations for clean air, land or water; they invested it so the minimum wage could be repealed; they invested to have Supreme Court judges who would continue to favor whatever insanity the GOP has in store for us. I deliberately separate my spiritual and my political life for a reason I am passionate about injustice on every level. To say that my political discussions are high spirited would be an understatement. Here is what I KNOW for sure (thanks Oprah). I knew, in my heart and soul that everything I have tried to share with you since March 2011 was either true – or it was not. I know that 2012 is the year of the enlightened ones (and the year of the WOMAN), or it was not. I know that I would do my best to share what little resources I had to ensure President Obama was re-elected. The consequences of Romney were far too painful to imagine. So, I shared with a few people that I thought the president would win at least 300 electoral votes. He did far better. He is also one of only 3(?) presidents to have that high a margin of victory – ever. So, here we are today. Thank God for a President with vision for all Americans, even those who hate him without reason. Even those who would ridicule him because of the color of his skin. Even those who continue to lie about who he is and what he has/will do. HATE ON! Hatred only hurts the hater. Hatred turns back to you, giving you the poison you seek to share with others. So BE Aware that the only person you hurt when you hate is YOURSELF. Thanks to the Millions of Americans who worked tirelessly to see VICTORY on Tuesday. It was a most blessed thing to see – and to participate in. LOVE you my lightworkers around the world. We got your prayers and the light you shined on this country may have changed a few hearts and even more minds. Be Blessed and have a wonderful weekend! Michelle