On Speaking Your Truth

The message shared today is regarding something that is almost commonplace - speaking truth to a matter/person and sharing that information in a way that is loving and heard. It matters not WHAT you say to someone if the cannot Hear you and/or do not listen. That is words and breath wasted. Most of the time, with the best intentions, words spoken are misconstrued, taken out of context (see USA presidential race), misused or abused. There are times when speaking is the last thing you want to do. I know, I have been there and it seems am living in this space right now. However, there is nothing better than to share what you understand as TRUTH in a loving way and have the other person actually hear you. When someone hears something that rings true in their spirit, their reaction is not the same as in a casual conversation. No, you will see the reaction as it registers. That is the time to STOP TALKING. They have it from there and if they need clarification, they will ask. Have been here for almost this entire year, so am so glad to see the topic being spoken to. Thanks for speaking your truth - in love and with the highest integrity. It MATTERS! Please don't stop. We need your light and we need it NOW! Be Blessed. Michelle Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day Beloved one, an idea or words that you hadn't thought of ahead of time, hadn't rehearsed, come out and it is exactly what another person needs to hear. In truth, they are calling it forth from you. And you say, "Where did that come from? I wasn't thinking that." But there is no separation, and as ones will invite you to speak to them words of truth, of support, of lightheartedness, you find yourself living in that space of light and support and lightheartedness, and love and laughter come forth. It is most miraculous what you will see. Visit our website: www.Oakbridge.org