October News from Jack the Watcher

Jack the Watcher via Jean Rockefeller. Thanks Jean for being ever willing to SHARE! Welcome to October! It's going to be an exciting month... This month of October will be a powerful time of integration, re-birthing, reconnection and realization of higher dimensional energies. An elevation in consciousness will occur aallowing you the ability to see into your own future as well as connecting to the higher realms in ways that have not been available before. We have left many of the lower dimensional energies and paradigms behind, moving collectively into a higher energy. Rejoice! Change is happening and it is completely up to you how this change will occur. Will you embrace it, Or will you drag your heels? The choice is yours. If you find that you are resisting change, ask for help! The veil is thinning tremendously especially as we draw closer to the end of the month. This means your ability to reach, connect and communicate with the etheric realm is going to increase. Expect powerful emotional and physical symptoms as outdated paradigms and patterns continue to be released. This is also occurring Globally as Gaia is experiencing the same fluctuations as we. Old energies are being released that will fuel our reconnection and our awareness's to know that we are all one. This post is very long and I included the link at the beginning. Please click to continue reading the entire post, complete with some amazing artwork. If you are feeling this message, it is for YOU!