October Message- Ms. Ruth Ryden- Part I

Hello, My apologies for the lateness of the message. Lots going on. This is a portion of the October message. This message is critical for the times in which we are living. Life is CHANGE, CHANGE and Change some more! Learn flexibility, open mindedness and living in the moment- without fear. Your very life may depend on it!

Ms. Ruth Ryden


“During your walk through life, there are many hazards to face.  One must learn to cross a busy street only with a green light, to obey the rules of driving, to eat only what is good for the body, to stay off of dark lonely streets, etc., or you could be hurt, killed or injured in some way.  These are some of the hazards of your society.  There are hazards all around you spiritually, too, that you must be mindful of. As the awareness of your true nature as a spiritual being becomes part of your conscious life, there is an opening in your aura taking place, an opening that allows a closer walk with the world of spirit as you experience an inner knowing, visions, voices, and higher forms of communication and guidance.  Think of this as a doorway in the mind.  When that door is opened, it becomes an invitation to many entities in the world of spirit to investigate what lies within that doorway – some who need to experience the feeling of a physical body, perhaps to satisfy their longing for a cigarette, alcohol or drugs; these are beings who are still feeling in spirit the terrible longing for what their lost bodies cannot give them.  There are spirit beings who simply refuse to return to the spiritual cosmos for many reasons; they are always looking for a place to “get in”.

The word “possession” covers a lot of ground, for many of these traveling spirits will cause uncomfortable emotions and uncontrolled actions, but seem to mostly come and go.  On the other hand, and most importantly, there are spirits who are aligned with the Dark Forces of your universe, set here to provide the negative side of creative energy.  The old concept of the Devil and his legions may have been romanticized over the years, but the reality continues to bring humanity face to face with themselves and the world in the challenges that are met every day. As individuals begin to realize who and what they are as spiritual beings, the minions of the dark forces muster their strength, trying to force their way into these open minds, using all of their guile and lies to convince an individual that the power they are being fed is something from God.  It seems just great for awhile, then there is the realization that the attitudes of a loved one is changing, the kindness and love they normally have shown digresses into nasty attitudes and a need to retreat into self.  The body is being attacked also, and the person starts looking gaunt and unhappy.  In extreme cases, “the Devil made me do it” becomes a reality. Yes, possession is very real and very terrible.  Your bars and lounges are full of people who live their lives in misery, drinking constantly to blank out the desperation and loneliness they are feeling, trying to keep their inner knowing of the right way from being destroyed by the negative forces in their minds who constantly push them in the other direction.

You, who have been on the Path to Light, have a real advantage here, for when the power of Love is accepted, acknowledged and kept in the heart and mind, your doorway to eternity presents a barrier against such wayward and evil spirit beings.  You might envision this as a golden veil across that doorway that prevents negative beings of any kind from penetrating your thoughts or nervous systems.  Don’t get too cocky, though, and think that because you have learned so much you can’t get caught up in this mire of deception.  Knowing about the way to connect with the Eternal Creator is not the same as living what you have learned.  There are many people strutting around, making a lot of money teaching all the right things to their customers, yet living lives that invite the dark forces to consume them with greed and envy.  Look carefully at the lives of the teachers you want to follow.  The power of Love must be a constant in your lives, an absolute part of your thinking, your needs, your actions, your emotions; there is no half-way belief or little bits of knowledge that will keep your path pure and clear.

The dark forces will be deposed from your universe at a time when the Eternal Creator chooses – and that time may not be too far away, even as you consider time.  Because of this, the dark spirits are attacking strongly now, especially those they see becoming totally aware of the Family of God throughout all space and times.  Human beings who have no knowledge of right or wrong and are reaching out for something in their lives are easy targets for the dark powers to take over their thoughts.  The increase in crime and cruelty is quite evident today.  The misery in your world caused by the dark forces working through human beings is tragic. What can do you about it?  First of all, be totally aware that this so-called myth is not a myth, but a potent reality.  The knowledge that a problem exists is the first step to either ignoring it, working around it, or doing something about it.

Part II will post on October 20, 2011

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