New Moon, New Year!

Welcome to the final New Moon Check for Abundance for 2016. This December new moon ushers in the hopes of a new year. Read more on this in my New Year message. When you write this new moon check, focus your intention on what you hope to begin in the new year.What are you seeking? Is it a new relationship, job, career or other bright and shiny thing? Whatever your focus, allow your intentions to flow into this check. Consider it a jump start to your New Year! New Moon Check Istructions for your New Moon Check For Abundance - December 2016 Blank check- leave check in checkbook Do NOT fill out the date (but you can register the check to keep track) Pay to the order of: Your Name $ Pay/Paid in Full On the next line write again PAY/PAID in Full! on Memo Line: Give Thanks! Signed: The Universal Law of Abundance! Try to always allow your check to soak up the rays of the new moon by leaving it in a window overnight. The next morning, place your check in a sacred space, in faith that your every need will be supplied. Have a great January!