New Moon Check For Abundance - March

abundance ATTRIBUTE: Please Thank: Here are the New Moon Check for Abundance instructions: Abundance is about more than money. Abundance is a mind set, a way of accepting life, expanding your consciousness and confidence. The ability to Receive is as important as the ability to Give. Writing your checks should have a different "feel" to them. Are you feeling Abundant? I know when I write my check now, I feel a sense of joy and anticipation. I am EXCITED by the possibilities! I hope you are feeling the same way! Please take your time and focus on what you Desire, not what you FEAR! Blank check- leave check in checkbook Do NOT fill out the date (but you can register the check to keep track) Pay to the order of: Your Name $ Pay/Paid in Full On the next line write again PAY/PAID in Full! on Memo Line: Give Thanks Signed: The Universal Law of Abundance! Choose a specific time each month to write your check. As always, put in a window so the rays of the new moon will enhance your intentions. Place in a safe, sacred place, thanking God for responding to your desire for more ABUNDANCE! Pay attention to all messages received this month. Especially the messages that reflect ideas you already have or are already considering. It is a sign from your Angels that you are on the Right path at the RIGHT TIME. INVESTIGATE, don't Hesitate! Happy Birthday to my Man-Child! This year is flying by. CHANGE is the keyword for this month and possibly next month as well. By this time you should be quite comfortable with change, since that has been the theme since 2010. Our world is a changing, for the better because it is difficult to imagine what WORST would look like. Have an joyful March! Namaste By:Michelle D. Smith