NEW Moon Check August 2015

I am stunned by how rapidly the summer is disappearing. Why, when the weather has been PERFECTION! I love, love, love summer and am already saddened by the thought of September. However, I remind myself that today it is still August and there is plenty of summer left to enjoy! On to the New Moon Check for August, 2015 You know the what, they why and they when! Please set your intention for this new moon. New moons offer the inspiration, dedication and forward movement to begin those projects you have on your mind. Always begin "new" things in the new moon phase, wrap up "old things" as the moon wanes. Here are your New Moon Check Instructions! New Moon Check Blank check- leave check in checkbook Do NOT fill out the date (but you can register the check to keep track) Pay to the order of: Your Name $ Pay/Paid in Full On the next line write again PAY/PAID in Full! on Memo Line: Give Thanks Signed: The Universal Law of Abundance! Choose a specific time each month to write your new moon check. As always, put in a window so the rays of the new moon will enhance your intentions. Place in a safe, sacred place, thanking God for responding to your desire for more ABUNDANCE! Thanks for reading the New Moon Check instructions for August, 2015!