New Moon Check and Ash Wednesday

New Beginnings 2015! Today is both Ash Wednesday and a New Moon. This offers new beginnings, new opportunities and a new way of being in the world. Are you ready to write that New Moon Check with clear intention? With a new moon and Lent occurring today, the theme for this year (release) intensifies. You are being asked to release your fears and doubts while embracing your God given power. To double down on this message, see the angel card for this week - Empowerment! Change is difficult in the best of times. Some of us (like me) embrace change with enthusiasm for a new adventure. Others resist change because they like the feeling of safety the status quo provides. No matter in which category you fit, Change and Release are the operative words for 2015. When you release, you will experience profound changes. You no longer need many “things” currently in your life. You can choose to let go or have them forced from you. When you grow in light and love, change is inevitable and often painful. Spare yourself some pain and freely release those circumstances, objects and people who no longer serve your higher good. Be encouraged and accept the Universe is conspiring to assist you. Be open to receive, then release and soar free! NEW Moon Check for February 18, 2015 Here are your new moon check for abundance instructions. New Moon Check New Moon Check For Abundance Blank check- leave check in checkbook Do NOT fill out the date (but you can register the check to keep track) Pay to the order of: Your Name $ Pay/Paid in Full On the next line write again PAY/PAID in Full! on Memo Line: Give Thanks Signed: The Universal Law of Abundance! Choose a specific time each month to write your new moon check. As always, put in a window so the rays of the new moon will enhance your intentions. Place in a safe, sacred place, thanking God for responding to your desire for more ABUNDANCE! Thank you for writing your new moon check for abundance. May you use the energies of this new moon to set your intentions for this amazing year!