New Message from The Watchers

This is a long, LONG message from The Watchers, specifically The Blue Whale. Whales, dolphins and the ocean in general have always fascinated me. There is a link there to be sure... I am including just a smidgeon of the post, feel free to click the link to read in its entirety. All information is not for all people. This information is for those who are ready to receive it. YOU will know if you belong. No despair, if it does not resonate with you now, it may in the future. That is where keeping information somewhere accessible (like an email folder) comes into play. Keep the info that intrigues you even if you cannot process it today. Be patient and continue to work on you until you are clear enough to both understand and appreciate what is being shared. Be blessed on your journey... Jack's Corner by: Jean Rockefeller Insights From the Blue Whale posted July 15, 2013 The Blue Whale Questions from the Audience During Jack’s last message I had a meeting with the Blue Whale and just before posting, I decided to ask the Blue Whale some questions. I really didn’t expect a response and was surprised when I did get one and boy did I get one! Due to her powerful healing energy and her ability to evoke emotion, I quickly found myself overcome and ended the connection and deferred to Jack to finish. When I initially connected to the Blue Whale I had a deep sense that she had much more to say so I decided to try to have another visit with her. In addition to easily answering my questions, The Blue Whale extended an invitation to our readers to ask her some questions, which I thought was wonderful! I must also mention that my cat William also added his energy to this message. His job has something to do with the Sacred Light but that’s all he will say on the subject. Ahh Jean, you have returned! So glad, and I trust you are enjoying the release of emotional energy? You have seen growth have you not? I could feel emotion welling up within me again and she disengaged somewhat at this point. Yes I have, and I would be honored if you would answer some questions for me and if you have more healing to share. Can we add that when I post the message? That would make me very happy. Let me begin by saying that Jack and many other Watchers will be working tirelessly over your summer months. This also includes those humans who are already elevated and have contracted to clear energy on behalf of the Planet. Jack has released all of the energies that have been given to him thus far and is now working to integrate the powerful energies being introduced. Until now, all of the energies that Jack has shared were not only to assist his readers but also to transmit this energy to the Watchers who needed those energies. These are Energies that assisted in the creation of a new foundation, the root chakra- the clearing and reconfiguration of the physical body- for not only Earth’s Children but for the Earth herself. The clearing of the physical body is well underway and for some began as long as a decade ago. It is now time to progress to the emotional body, the sacral chakra. The emotional body is where the deepest pain resides and what prevents valuable energy from integrating into the higher energy centers of the human body. Please READ the rest of the post @ Jack's Corner!