Negativity has immediate consequences

Times are changing, quickening. In this now time, every single thing you (and I) do has almost immediate consequences. Negativity appears to travel faster and farther than being positive, but I feel that is just APPEARANCE. Being or acting in a negative fashion has no place or space in a world filled with love and light. However, we all (or most) still have negativity within us, that MUST be released to move forward.

It is how it is released that will determine the consequences.

Case in point - yesterday I gave some one the finger. In my defense, it was a case of road rage, but I immediately regretted my action. However, the person (who I could not see thru his silver tinted windows, took GREAT offence. He proceeded to back up the street, through a light and followed me unto my mom's street.

Now, my options were to flee or stop. I stopped because being in my own hood, I did not want any of my young men to see me being chased by a car. Too many really bad options would then be involved.

In the meantime, the lunatic decided that since I stopped, he wanted to tell me that me giving him the finger could have gotten me killed. Really? I thought to myself, did not seem that serious. THEN he said it was disrespectful Well, where I am from the only person who can disrespect you is someone who knows you. Why would you risk life and limb to prove a point about you BEING respected (or not).

When I advised that I stopped because I did not want anyone else involved, he stated that while his ass was chasing me, he thought that he did not want anything to happen to his children who were in the car with him.

So, why did he follow me at all? To let me know my "action" could get me killed. I advised him the same could be said of his actions - of following me and not knowing where I was going...

To prove a point - and my lesson is the ugly is still there, just well buried. While I never felt that this was imminent death, I did see how things would play out.

Hopefully, he got the same lesson as I did, and next time he won't just re-act, but be in control of his own actions.

Thanks for reading.