Neale Donald Walsh

Added a BOOK page! WhooHOOOO! Read this on Friday (after I decided on Thursday night to ADD BOOKS for Spiritual Development to the site). When you are doing what you are SUPPOSED to be doing, God and your angels will send little "messages" your way to say RIGHT ON! Thanks for READING! Michelle Neale Donald Walsh Friday June 21, 2013 On this day of your life, Michelle, I believe God wants you to know... ...that you need to read more. No, really. You need to read more. There's a book right now waiting to be read by you. Do you think this book has come into your awareness by accident? It has been placed before you by your Consciousness. Go get it. Read it. Make margin notes. Do it now. Sometimes Life jumps out at you with its message, fairly screaming at you: get this. This is one of those times. I'm telling you, there's a book you've been scheduled to read right now. Don't ignore the schedule. It's Divine Intervention. Love, Your Friend.... Neale Donald Walsh