Namasté: The Spirit in Me Honors the Spirit in You! I am currently participating in the THIRD 21 day meditation offering from Deepak Chopra and Oprah. I won tickets to see Deepak and Oprah for a lifeclass in NYC (hometown baby) at Radio City Music Hall. Talk about a blast! Won tickets had no funds and no idea HOW this would be possible. But a way was MADE for me, I got to go and the energy and love in that space was simply amazing. When Deepak partnered with Oprah for the First session on abundance I thought I was in heaven. Nope, that session was topped by the Health and Healing session and both have been mastered by the Relationship session. My question for the August 17th class was on the saying NAMASTE and WHY would I not use such lovely and Loving phrase. Here is my answer: JUDGMENT is WHY I do not use this lovely expression. JUDGMENT of hateful people who will not and do not understand there is more than ONE path to GOD and every single path in search of Love, Trust, Truth and LIGHT is Appropriate. Lord, I just made myself LAUGH OUT LOUD as soon as I typed the words, "I will use NAMASTE and explain to people what it means when the opportunity arises" I heard, very CLEARLY that I already KNOW the opportunities WILL ARISE! LMAO! ************************************************************* How many times in our lives have we been STOPPED in our tracks by the Judgment of others? How many times have we KNOWN what was true, right and righteous, but choose to ignore it because we were and ARE afraid of JUDGMENT? How many times? The time has come to set fear aside and do the RIGHT thing for the RIGHT reason because it IS the Right Thing to do! Hear me clearly, yes we will be judged by ourselves and God. How will you feel knowing you have let down the only force in the universe who sent YOU here to do a specific job - but you did not because you feared the judgment of mere mortals? How will YOU feel knowing you let yourself down? Just saying - think about it, but I will be using this from now on because I love it! The SPIRIT in ME Honors the SPIRIT in YOU! NAMASTE! Thanks for reading and listening to what I have to say. Have a most blessed and amazing day! Michelle