My Love Affair with Maurice

Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire was my perfect man. He was talented, passionate, inspiring and could sing his ass off. What is there not to love? My heart breaks as I sit here, reminicing about Earth, Wind and Fire throughout my life. In fact, my longest other love affair is with Stevie Wonder! So, I am sharing a bit of EWF, with the indomitable and oh, so sexy Maurice. May he rest in peace in the space and place where suffering ends and eternal joy begins. He knows where it is, he offered it to his fans right here on earth. Mauricejpg Enjoy, and if so inclinded, check out the lyrics! This song held me DOWN when I was young and feeling blue. "This World Can't Shake Me, Bad Times Can't Make Me Sad" The New York Times explains it best with this quote. Mr. White was proud of his accomplishments as a musician. But he always saw his mission as more than just making entertaining people. “It’s important to put the emphasis on the positive aspect,” he told The Chicago Tribune in 1985. “I have learned that music helps a lot of people survive, and they want songs that can give them something — I guess you could call it hope.” Cause for real, MUSIC, but especially Earth, Wind and Fire's music always gives me HOPE!

Lyrics from metro