My Battle With Fred

My battle started before Fred had a name, just a pain, without a source in my jaw. Since I have been getting dental work done for the last 2 years, I just knew it could not be a cavity, let alone a tooth that needed pulling. battle It was not until the morning that I felt pain tap dancing on my face that I broke down and made an emergency dental appointment. As with all “emergency” appointments, I did not need to wait a few days. During that time, the pain subsided completely. Sucker move! I almost cancelled the appointment, but the memory of that pain wakening me forced my hand. While waiting for the x-ray, the thought of an extraction never crossed my mind. I mean, really, how could my dentist miss a tooth that could hurt like hell unless that tooth was already bad to the bone? My answer came a few minutes later. “Looks like your wisdom tooth needs to be pulled.” WTF, was my first thought. My wisdom tooth? The one that the dentist left in because it was giving me no trouble? One and the same. “Well, it is going to get worse, so you might as well have it removed. You are already here.” I braced myself for the 12” needle to “numb” my gum. Took 2 of those. Then the battle began. The first hour was horrific. So much pain that tears were streaming down my face. Battle! My heart was racing, I was hyperventilating and could not quite understand WHY I was in so much pain. Since my heart was racing, I was giving something other than Lidocaine – but who knows what it was. Thirty minutes after THAT, I was given more Lidocaine! It was a battle royale. Between the dentist and assistant – comparing notes on IF the tooth had moved, and the tears streaming down my face, I would say I was losing this fight. I breathed, prayed to GOD for help and asked my Angels to help me release this tooth that was as old as I am. Release, release, RELEASE DAMN IT! 2 minutes after the last shot of Lidocaine, the tooth moved, then came out. I asked to keep it. It is considered “medical waste” but hell, it was MY medical waste and after that battle, I think I needed to keep this sucker around to complete the RELEASING! I named the tooth Fred during my meditation Sunday. After I wrote down Fred, I saw the word FREED! Yes, Fred had given Freedom to all the pain and betrayal I have worked on releasing for most of last year. May seem a stretch to some of you, but since I was focused on releasing ALL the pain, ALL the betrayal, ALL the old, worn out and unneeded, FRED served his purpose well. It is the largest tooth I have ever seen with a curved root over an inch long and almost ½ inch wide. HUGE tooth! That same day, Sunday, the Certified Angel Card of the Day was – You guessed it! FREEDOM! Take your lessons as they come to you. They are personal and profound. Only YOU know the meanings of what is occurring in your life and you are the person to decipher it. Be blessed! Namaste By:Michelle D. Smith ATTRIBUTE: Please thank Flicker for the picture of the Warrior Angel! BATTLE!