Ms. Ruth Ryden - October Message Part II

Appreciate you returning for part II of the October message. Michelle Ms. Ruth Ryden



Start your day with a prayer, a conversation with God, to renew your awareness of that presence and the presence of your Angels.  Ask for protection, guidance and the reality of that beautiful Love Energy within you all day.  Then you need not fear any disincarnate being trying to take advantage of your open doorway.

As you become conscious of changing attitudes to people you live with, work with, or meet, think about what might be happening in their inner beings.  If they are people who reject the idea of a higher power in their lives and live only with the materiality of the world, the possibility of dark entities being lodged in their minds could be very high.  People who are charging about, trying to find they know not what, their lives personal messes, relationships falling apart, etc., may be plagued by negative entities who are making their lives a personal hell.  Please understand that well-meaning “talks” to try and help such people only causes the inner negative forces to put up very strong barriers in that poor victim’s mind against truth of any kind.  There are spiritual people who have been trained to understand these barriers and know how to work with them.  If possible, try to steer a victim to one of these people.  Many churches today are working with this problem and know what they are doing, as well as enlightened Light Workers who live this path of service.

Free Will is not just a cute religious spiritual term.  It is a great power given to every spirit at its creation, a part of the Creative Power of God.  It is your passport to a life that can be used to go through the gate to spiritual Light and Power, or the gate of greed, envy and supposedly easy living.  Every one of you has that choice.  Choices are made either from a sensible period of consideration, using inner guidance, or jumped into without prudent thought.  It’s fun, sometimes, to do things on the spur of the moment, adding a little spice to life when the outcome is largely unknown.  That spice can become too hot to handle, though, when that jump propels one into situations that lead to unpleasant consequences.  This is not the time, in your present age, to jump into murky or unknown waters.  Make time to consider all of the possibilities in new opportunities – they may involve traps for the unwary.  Listen carefully to what is being taught about spirituality, wherever you may encounter such teachings.  The dark forces are very evident in some of these teachings disguised as Truth or communications from alien beings.  How does one tell the difference?

You are spiritual beings and when you are connected with that inner spiritual Truth, lies, distortions of truth, outright false teachings of any kind, become very evident.  Follow your inner feelings on such matters.  Don’t accept anything you hear immediately without taking it home with you and letting it filter through your inner spiritual “computer”.  After thinking it over for awhile, you may see what you have been hearing, seeing or reading in a very different light.  Be very careful about joining organizations that profess to be working for the Light, until you have really found out all you can about the people and what they are doing.  When and if you do find a group of people working very hard to bring spiritual Truth to the world, consider joining them to do something really important for humanity.

We want to impress that all communications being published as being received from other-world beings is not false.  You are not alone in the universe and galaxies, and never have been.  Other species of beings have been among you, working for you, and observing you since the beginning of your time.  There are many visitors who have merely been observing for their own curiosity and knowledge, for their own benefit, and many others who have reached their own point of high spirituality, trying to help the Earth grow to its full potential.  At the proper time, they will appear to humanity and become part of your world population as constant visitors.  Listen to alien communications in this light – consider what is being said and how it is being received.  Again, you have the choice of accepting it or not, being critical of the content, or not.  Especially in this case, be very careful.  Science Fiction buffs sometimes get caught up in the excitement of it all, without really listening to what is being taught.

Humanity is at a crossroads.  We urge you to take the high road of Love, Truth and Peace.  The low road contains negative energies and lead to nowhere.  Keep Love in high gear and nothing can stop your journey to the highest stages of the spiritual beings you are.  Ask for our help when you need it; we are here for you always.

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