Morning Angel


This morning, I happened to awake just as the rising sun caught the waves on a painting of a sunrise on the beach. The painting was by the low country artist Saint (James St. Clair), and I was gifted this picture. I have always watched the sunset on the water, very rarely do I get to see the sun RISE!

The corner the sun caught was the waves crashing behind a tree- and showed angel's wings on both sides. literally an angel, embedded in this picture across from my bed that has been on my wall for the last 10 years.

I really woke up and looked, yup, an angel! So, while I KNOW angels exist, are real and can be seen, sometimes, they are in places you would never expect to see them. Sometimes, they are looking at you, have watched over you for years- without you being the wiser. Open your eyes to SEE all the world has to offer. Be open to receive what the world is begging to give. YOU must decide what is real in your life, what you are no longer willing to accept. Then, stand on those principles. YOUR principles, not dictated to you, but chosen freely from the space of love.

Thanks for reading.


inspired this haiku


morning angel she

protects me as waves on beach

watching as I sleep