More Wisdom From Jack the Watcher!

I really needed this message. Have had several migraines, just can't seem to shake them. I usually know what has triggered a migraine, but the last 2 weeks have been ridiculous. Glad to have some LIGHT shed on the situation. As I get myself back to myself, I will be able to finish some of my posts. Hang in there with me! Looks like there is an end in sight. Now we just have to GET THERE! Powerful Emotional Times Are Upon Us Jean Rockefeller for Jack the Watcher Wisdom From Jack, The Watcher As I mentioned, this month is going to be powerful and many of you are now realizing just how powerful this month is. Many are feeling the effects of the full moon and She is helping to illuminate the energy of Mercury as he prepares to retrograde in a few days. Some of you may feel as though you have been ripped open and in some sense you have. Core issues are being offered for release. These core issues are ones that have not had the opportunity to be healed for lifetimes and now they are rearing up, screaming to be known so they can ultimately be healed or released. Examples of these core issues are: A hatred for humanity, deep depression connected to not wanting to be on this planet now, physical pain as your body struggles to release karmic trauma. Headaches and fatigue will also accompany a release of core issues. You may soon enter dark days of emotional turmoil but know that a grand illumination will come by the middle of November. Some of you have already descended into the dark depths of your soul but soon you will realize the Light of the Dawn. There is help available and it is all around you, all you have to do is reach out and ask for assistance. The Oceanic Ray can assist in expediting the release of deep emotional energy. PLEASE continue reading this post HERE! More amazing information and artwork. Thank you! Namaste