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Jack sure has been keeping Jean busy! Got this post off Facebook. Look his page up and like it to get your own updates! Jack the Watcher Jean Rockefeller The flavor of this weekend has been release and Jack is also preaching the RELEASE message. I will have an additional post on Releasing on Tuesday, November 19, 2013! Getting hectic out here. So much to do and what "appears to be" so little time! November 14, 2013 As we continue to scale the invisible mountain, we have left much 3-d energy behind. Our climb will become easier as we consistently continue to release energy that it is no longer in alignment with our Full and Divinely planned potential. Our Full and Divinely planned potential and the path we are following to realize it, is Ascension. Many timelines, tracks and the connected energy to the old timelines were released last month which is why so many of us experienced powerful emotional and physical symptoms. This was a tremendous release of 3-D energy. This pattern of release of All That Does Not Serve our Divinely Planned Potential will continue and by reciting aloud the following declaration, this process will be supported and fortified. The most powerful days to recite this declaration is 22 November, 1 December, 11 December, 12 December, 13 December, 14 December, 22 December, 25 December, and 31 December. You need not worry about saying the declaration on all of the days mentioned. You will remember to say it on the days that are most powerful to You. "I now rescind all cords and contracts that hinder my well-being and prevent me from realizing my full and Divinely planned potential. I declare that this be done as afforded me under my Divine Rights that are deemed by Creator and mandated by my Divine Birthright. I declare that these cords and contracts be cleared NOW throughout my entire lineage and being, past, present and future and throughout all layers and levels of time, space and dimension. So be it. Amen." In Light, Jack, The Watcher