Michael Jackson- He Shared His Love And Light With The World!

Hello, All day, I kept thinking that there was something I needed to remember. The date was???  I was out early so did not have the radio on. Came home and did housework, then took a nap. It was not until my niece shared how depressed she was, that THEN, I remembered.

Wow, Michael Jackson has been gone for two years. Two YEARS!

This is an icon I grew up with. I still remember seeing him and his brothers at the "Baltimore Civic Center." My Aunt Pat got us tickets on the floor no less. We ended up standing on the chairs as the whole place was on their feet for the entire concert.

Have never forgotten that night in July, 1971!  Sheer joy, mayhem and exhilaration!

So, just wanted to take minute to say thank you Michael Jackson. He was and is PHENOMENAL!  A gifted, talented, generous spirited soul who was far ahead of his time, but wanted to take the entire world to where he already WAS. He was never at home here. We truly just borrowed him for a little while.

And saying all of that does not lessen the pain in any way. I still feel a sense of loss when I hear his music.

My mind could not grasp the initial concept that he was dead. I found myself saying out loud at the strangest of times "Michael Jackson is dead." Still is so very sad.

I added just ONE of my favorite records. And, since this blog is to reflect on our journey to a better way of living, loving and treating each other, remember, there are many who are already living in that space.

Michael Jackson just happened to be one of the greatest entertainers ever. And he was already where we are now trying to go.

Can't wait to see him again!

Much love,


Man in the Mirror