Hope each and every one of you took advantage of all the love, light, joyous energy that flowed yesterday. Passing this along. As the light grows, the people on this PLANET will wake up- Just like you do when the sun is streaming on your face. Love, love, love this energy and most positive AWAKENED moment.  Thanks for listening! Enjoy!


Michele Bachman gets Mic Checked!

CProtesters interrupted a speech by Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann in Mount Pleasant. The protesters stood up and began shouting "Mic check!" and told her she was more concerned with dividing Americans than helping them.


"Mic check!

Mic check!

This will only take a minute | We have a message for Mrs. Bachmann.

You capitalize on dividing Americans | claiming people that disagree with you | are unpatriotic socialists | and you promote discrimination.

This does not help the American People.

You parade as a grassroots candidate | but your campaign is funded | by Americans For Prosperity | a group that takes advantage | of legalized money laundering.

This does not help the American People.

You cater to the One Percent | you oppose paying hardworking Americans | a living wage | and refuse | to promote realistic solutions | to economic problems.

This does not help the American people.

This 501(c)(4) | is funded by the Koch Brothers | One of of many organizations | that engage | In misinformation| and drowns out the voice | of the American people | A disturbing result | of the Citizens United decision.

This does not help the American people.

We demand an end to legitimized corruption | through a constitutional reversal | of the Citizens United decision.

This will help the American people.

Have a pleasant day."