Messages from the Angels

We get messages from our angels every day, every hour. ARE YOU LISTENING? I want all of you who are "serious" about working and living in your highest light of love to really connect with your personal angels. Ask your angels to identify themselves. Get quiet and listen. When you get a name - confirm that name within your heart. Pay no attention to your MIND. Love is heart based. Ask and you will receive! On the Link page, there is a link for Tom Moore regarding using the Most Benevolent Outcomes to specifically request assistance from YOUR Angels. Please people - NOW is the time we have been waiting for and WE ARE THE PEOPLE To Get the JOB DONE! Listen with your heart to the following words. If they don't resound - ignore. If they DO resound, YOU know it is time to get to work! Be blessed and thank you so much for taking the time to read! Much love! Michelle

Uriel: Recognize Your Own Mastery Channeled by AuroRa Le August 2, 2012 =============================== Lately I've been noticing the number 3, or rather series' of 3's, cropping up everywhere I look. While it's become normal for us to see numerological messages all the time, such as 1's, 2's, 4's and 5's; the 3's seem to be making a more splashy showing than usual. On the clock (3:33, 10:33, 5:33.); my microwave is always on 33 seconds when I stop it, every time; the odometer on my car read 33, 333 earlier this week; always 33 messages in my inbox, when I check email; $3.33 for gas at the station on the corner; my groceries totalled $53.33, this morning. It's kind of hard to miss! I have Doreen Virtue's "Angel Numbers 101;" app on my Iphone (I would advise everyone to download this), and it's proven to be very handy when I get numerological promptings throughout the day. However, most sources will tell you that 33 refers to your having a powerful and clear connection to the Ascended Masters, and they are watching out for you and answering your prayers. 333 steps it up a notch and indicates that there are many Masters around you at this time, directing and guiding you. I was very touched by this display of their love, and during meditation thanked them for such an obvious show of devotion and support. Although I couldn't key in to any one particular Master who was around me. Then Uriel stopped by for a chat, and provided me with a wonderful explanation, which he requested I pass on to all of you. ___________________ Uriel: While indeed the benevolent Masters are gathered around you at all times, on any given day, you must consider that there is now much more to their presence here than simply protection and subtle guidance. They have come to further awaken you and to issue you a challenge to recognize your own mastery. In order to expand on this, I will explain that at present you are being coached and prepped by scores of Ascended Masters, Angelic Guides and members of your Galactic Families for your up and coming roles in the unfolding of Divine Events. Yes, by all means, give great consideration to the ever-increasing numerological promptings you are receiving. Do see them as evidence of our presence all around you. The number sequences have become all the more obvious and plentiful, so as not to go unnoticed by you. Most especially the sequences of 3, and yet the reason for this is one that you may not have yet considered. My friends, you are the new Masters. Do you resonate with these words? Do they strike a chord of recognition in you? If the answer is yes, then you are The Ones the world has been waiting for. It is no lie, no false prediction that in these times the Masters would live as human-incarnate and walk the Earth as flesh and blood. You-the teachers, the speakers, the healers, the revolutionaries. You have ascended already so far past the limitations of the lower dimensions of consciousness, I warrant the majority of you barely recognize yourselves from just a year ago! And while, yes, you still occupy a dense 3rd dimensional body, even that is transfiguring at lightning pace and will shortly be on par with your highly advanced levels of consciousness. You have chosen to live from the heart. You find yourselves incapable of deception, of uttering falsehoods. You feel tremendous compassion for the most innocent of creatures, and wish for nothing more than honor, abundance and goodness for all beings, great and small. You are on fire to right the wrongs of the past, and to create a world where all are free from tyranny and none will ever again go hungry. You have lost your taste for materialism and self-destructive entertainments. Every waking thought you have is centered around raising the consciousness of the human race and expanding your already unmatched mastery of these concepts. Is this you I describe? Are you following in the footsteps of our blessed Brother, Jesus Sananda and his beloved Magdalene? I trust that you are, should you find yourself studying my words. Indeed, I see it and I feel it deep within my heart. It is but time now for you to recognize your own greatness and take ownership of the Ones you truly are, as this is who you were before you came and the very Self you are reclaiming for the future. The repeated succession of 3's are The Ascended Masters' way of grabbing your attention, and to cause you to focus on the issue of Mastery. They are alerting you to the truth that you have crossed over the final threshold and there is no going back. Not ever. And why, I ask you, would you ever want to? Be you a homemaker, political leader, agriculturalist, educator, parent-you are each strategically placed to make a difference in the overall light quotient of the Earth and her inhabitants. There are no grand expectations that we have of you, only that you Be, and Be with great honor and with grace. Think not that these are impossible shoes to fill, for they have been molded to fit you to perfection. They are shoes that you have walked in many, many times before. Look for the signs of our never-wavering support, for they are all around you. We remain close by your side, my valiant Friends. Go forth in Mastership. About Me I am an Angelic/Pleiadian, and one of the ten Pleiadian, Sirian and Angelic women who make up The Council Of The Venus Ray. I'm also a Mom, a lightworker and a business owner. This wonderful lifetime is my one and only incarnation on the Planet Earth. I'm known, as we all are, by many names. as Bella Capozzi, on my Earth journey, and (in "reality") as Archeia AuroRa or LoRa Le. There are many of us here on Earth at this time, living ordinary lives. Some, like me, have known who or what they are all along and safely held that knowledge in a private, sacred space. This, until the moment we can't play the game anymore and burst full-force out of the Spiritual Closet, kicking the door shut behind us. Then there are our other blessed brothers and sisters who are just now having their aha-moment, and are stepping forward to share their amazing truths. Whichever it is, or if you just happened to find this site by Divine Synchronicity (there are no accidents), be open to everything! Speak your truth. Tell the world who you "really" are. *