Messages From Ruth Ryden Part III

The final part! Thanks for reading. Michelle

By: Ruth Ryden

Let’s look at relationships.  It is finally becoming apparent that one partner who insists upon making all the decisions, holding the money leading the way continually, does not make for a great relationship.  Now we are talking about a real “balance of power”.  When each partner acknowledges that the other has their innate inner power that must be allowed to be expressed, a comfortable union can be achieved.  Personal elements of power are expressed in many different ways; each partner has different talents, abilities, and ways of doing things.  When a partnership or marriage is considered, brought together by friendship or sexual desire, it is most wise to learn enough about the other person to know whether or not that person’s power and abilities will be comfortable combined with your own.  Condescension, patronizing, jealousy, and resentments can appear very easily when there is a clash of power within a partnership.

It is very wrong to try to take a dominant position because one feels threatened by an uneasy union. When a human being becomes older, it is difficult to hold power in place, particularly when the body doesn’t want to follow the directions and goals of the mind.  If a person has kept their power intact through the years, the body generally will be in better condition and able to function much longer.  Mental abilities will remain intact; even when it is no longer possible to move about easily, the mind is active and interested in the fullness of life.  Inner power does ot fade because of age; it is a part of you.  It is up to the individual personality as to how it is used and how the personality has protected it from being restricted or destroyed by society.  Your every instinct is to refuse to knuckle under when someone “puts you down”; the instinct to fight back has kept humanity from going down the drain.  There are better ways than physical combat, however.  The inner power will show the way, if you will let it.

Giving is power.  The ability to share what you have, or yourself, in any situation, goes against your ancient need to provide for yourselves and your families, to the exclusion of anything or anyone else.  We realize fully that giving without hesitation is an act of compassion, and compassion is also part of your inner power.  Before giving, there is many times a feeling of that hesitation, but after giving, the warmth of Love overcomes the stingiest of any of you!  Giving is an important function of inner power; for that power is the Power of Love, and compassion is also its name.  Teaching children to give is an act of Love to the child.  To let or teach him/her to become selfish is a stain upon the soul.

The children of today are so close to spirit that it is necessary for them to express themselves fully, sometimes in ways that society or parents find overwhelming.  Please, please do not drug these children!  Change your own ways of allowing, while still teaching them that society only works when everyone respects everyone else’s needs and desires.  Schools must learn to listen to these children’s ideas and let them discuss what they are being taught.  These new children of today will not permit their power to be downgraded.

We leave you with these thoughts:  Accept that you are an eternal spiritual being, encased for a time in a human body.  You are endowed with the power universal.  You are filled with knowledge acquired over the ages, here to learn and experience as much as you can.  Use and protect your inner power in order to fulfill your purpose in life, and respect the power that fills every human being on Earth.  Learn to listen, as well as to convey your own thoughts.  Share your knowledge and your power, and you shall succeed in every way.  God Bless you All!” ************ ********* ********* ***

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