Messages From Matthew

This message contains some interesting information regarding homosexuality. This is one of the most divisive topics, not just in America, but around the planet. At some point, people need to understand we are all PEOPLE and deserve to be respected. I am not looking for the normal bull shit response equating homosexuality with bestiality or preying on innocent children. Neither have a basis in reality and are the messages from bigoted people trying to use God and Lord knows what else to prove they are RIGHT. You can never be "right" regarding another human beings choices. YOU have no business in THEIR business. Why in the world would God give us FREE WILL if it cannot be exercised, FREELY? Why would a powerful and loving GOD assign any HUMAN the right to denounce what other humans do, especially when they are not hurting others? We each get to pay for our Choices. If we only could remember this One Thing, how much better a world we would live in. This is an important issue for me. I KNEW, JUST KNEW that the legalization of gay marriage would be passed by most of Maryland into law. Our lawmakers passed the law, the haters (most of them masquerading as churches) fought back and brought the referendum to a VOTE. The VOTE passed, I think the margin was 53% FOR 47% AGAINST (that 47% again). What amazed, stunned and delighted me was that every other gay marriage bill across the United States also PASSED (and in one case failed, but that was a bill to take the right away). Until 2012 - each and every voter "referendum" on gay rights have failed. In 2012 we shifted gears and got with the program. We should never have to VOTE for a person's rights. Do you really think a voter referendum to end slavery would have passed? What about the voting rights act? Neither would have passed if left up to PEOPLE. Just a little something to think about. I told a frenemy that the bill would pass after he smugly told me he voted against it. No matter, I said, there is more LOVE in Maryland than HATE. Glad the voters here proved me right. Just saying, look in the mirror before you judge another. You are not perfect and neither am I. That said, keep your judgments to yourself until such a time as they can be proven as fact. Please understand, I am not advocating that this is Fact. However, it does jibe with how I feel about the subject, so I am sharing. Keep the faith that all you need to know will be revealed if you actively seek it. YOU have to decide if you will believe all you are told or trust yourself to define what is true. TRUTH feels TRUE in your heart. It is a feeling you get, that AHA. Believe in that - and keep shining your light. Thanks for reading! Here is the excerpt from Messages from Matthew. The message was shared back in 1994. It was addressed again this week. The other part of the message regards the new pope, Pope Francis. Messages From Matthew by: Suzy Ward Now then, we wish to address a statement in a recent message: Eventually everyone will know that homosexuality is an advanced stage of spiritual growth wherein feminine and masculine energies are more balanced than in heterosexual persons. A complex situation stated in such brevity begs explanation—especial ly since homosexuality is one of the divisive issues plaguing your world—and I have asked my mother to copy the part in a book that is relevant. Although it also includes information that pertains to residents of Nirvana, Earth's spirit world, we think you will find all of it enlightening. [The following excerpt from the chapter "Relationships " in Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven was transmitted early in 1994.]