Message from Jack

This is a very long message. Please take the time to read this - more than once if you can. I found it perfectly enlightening. There are many people who I totally dislike. I mean TOTALLY. There are people who I wonder WHY they are here, using oxygen and taking up space. I have never been able to reconcile this intense dislike with what I strive to be - open, honest and fair with people. I was taught to judge people by the way they treat ME. I also learned to judge people by the way they treat others. So, while someone can be really good with me, but rude to and with others, I know that person is RUDE. The real person, not the shadow person. However, some folks never even make it that far. But I digress. If you have an animal, you may already feel your pet is "special." While I believe all pets are sent to guide and guard us, now is the time to pay attention to the what they wish to share with you. I loved the message. Please take the time... Much love, Michelle Jack's Corner! by: Jean Rockefeller